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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Resorts and hotels of Skhidnytsa

Near the town is Truskavets resort in the Carpathian Skhidnytsia, famous for its mineral waters. The picturesque countryside around nicely complements the rest and treatment in Skhidnytsa.

Skhidnytsa (Shodnytsa), Lviv region

Treatment and rest in Skhidnytsa

Skhidnytsa is “Ukrainian Switzerland”

A small village Skhidnytsa (Russian version is Shodnitsa) lies on the banks of a mountain stream Shidnychanka; it is nearby the famous resort Truskavets, Skhidnytsa among gentle hills covered with pine forests. The road to Skhidnytsa runs through Truskavets and Boryslav. It is possible to see flat mountain ranges just from Truskavets. At the entrance to Boryslav travelers may see beautiful landscapes, mountains covered with forest through which you can observe winding mountain road.
Resort Skhidnytsa is situated at an altitude of 600—900 m above the sea level. This resort is surrounded from all sides by mountains and forests, so it has a unique microclimate.
Mild winter is typical for Skhidnytsa, there are very often thaw and fog; summer is warm with the Carpathians weather changes. It is a quiet, peaceful place that annually attracts thousands of people, because it is possible to combine there treatment by healing mineral water in Skhidnytsa and just rest among amazing the Carpathians nature.
The history and development of the resort Skhidnytsa
The first mention of a settlement related to Kievan Rus.
Then it was called Golden Bath (in Ukrainian Zolota Bania). It is known that Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia long and successful defended against Golden Horde.  And even that when the Kingdom became dependent on Golden Horde it kept its administrative structure. The fortress Tustan, remains of which can still be seen in Skhidnytsa, played an important role in defense of Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia and controlled the main trade routes.
Tustan like other fortresses of the Kingdom were destroyed by Mongol and Tatars invasion, the same fortune overtook surrounding villages, including Golden Bath. People who were alive after Mongol and Tatars invasions began to settle in the valley where they founded a new settlement Skhidnytsa (meaning “to come together, to assemble”).
This place became quite famous throughout Europe in the middle of 19th century. In 1858 oil and ozocerite deposits were found in Skhidnytsa, it was started development of deposits. Oil and ability to earn fortunate quickly attracted entrepreneurs and adventurers from all over the world. In 1890’s a small village was at the top of list in Galicia in oil development, in 1930’s it was the third after Boryslav and Bytkov.  However, this place didn’t turn in modern Emirates then. “Brine” as it was called by local dwellers didn’t bring them wealth, on contrary it was hard work and calluses.
While walking the streets of modern Boryslav come to mind the story of Ivan Franko “Boryslav laughs”. The decline of industrial towns is almost the same as in eastern Ukraine as well as in central and western parts. On the way to Skhidnytsa you may see deep well pumping stations. Some of them periodically switch on; some of them are stayed rusty for years.
In Soviet period the village became famous for its unique mineral springs and people from the whole Soviet Union began to come to Skhodnitsa for treatment and rest. Perhaps Skhidnytsa would only remained picturesque village in the Carpathians if in 1975 Omelyan Stotskyy(1894 -1979), a teacher, engineer and researcher didn’t discover great deposits of mineral water. Analyzing biography of Stotskyy (it is very detailed in Ukrainian Wikipedia), we can conclude that discovery of deposits in Skhidnytsa was natural. In many other sources the history of discovery of deposits sounds as if a local pensioner somewhere in the garden found a spring of healing water.
It is forgotten that Omelyan Stotskyy worked long enough on industrial oil deposits, he was a director and chief engineer of gasoline plant, and he is a holder of a master's degree in German philology, an excellent musician and teacher. Exerting every effort, Omelyan Stotskyy managed to put together necessary evidence that water in Skhidnytsa is identical to the famous water of Курорт Східниця Truskavets “Naftusya”. After years the village was recognized as all-Union resort, and since 2005 the title has changed to “Ukrainian resort named after Omelyan Stotskyy”.
Skhidnytsa does not have a very developed infrastructure for treatment and rest. In particular, there is not a huge health resort, common pump rooms, in which water is heated to the required temperature as well as entertainment structure doesn’t develop. However, there is a very good football stadium where local football team is training and playing matches. Every football match of this team is a real event for fans of Skhidnytsa. From time to time musical festivals of modern Ukrainian music take place in Skhidnytsa. Perhaps lack of “civilization” attracts many people to treat and rest in Skhidnytsa. 
More than 30 springs of mineral water and about 20 wells are in Skhidnytsa. Mineral water of different springs in Skhidnytsa differs in chemical composition. Today 10 springs and three wells are available for treatment. Springs are located far from each other; some are in the forest or on the edge of Skhidnytsa.  It is well known that mineral water is advisable to use directly near to the spring for keeping its healing qualities. For many people walking around the forest directly to springs, heating water with a spirit lamp, its tasting is a “sacred ritual” and you can feel it just in Skhidnytsa.
Rest in Skhidnytsa – interesting places and tourist attractions
  • Museum to Omelyan Stotskyy is in the health resort “The Carpathians”;
  • St.Nicholas Church (1695) in the village Novyy Kropyvnyk;
  • Remnants of blast furnace “Zalizna Guta” in the village Maidan;
  • Windmills near Skhidnytsa (a beautiful landscape of Skhidnytsa and mountains);
  • Fortress “Tustan”, historical and cultural preserve “Tustan”;
  • Sambir, architecture of the town and the hall of organ music;
  • Stryi, villages Maidan, Rybnyk (amazing landscapes, suspension bridges, fishing and swimming in the local river);
Nearest ropeways
  • Slavske – single chair lift;
  • Volosianka – double chair lift;
  • Pylypets, Borzhava – triple chair lift;
  • Synevir – double chair lift.
Nearest ski resort centers to Skhidnytsa
  • Slavske – 60 км;
  • Tysovets – 65 км;
Nearest villages
  • Novyy Kropyvnyk;
  • Rybnyk (virtual tour);
  • Urych;
  • Boryslav;
  • Truskavets.
Skhidnytsa – health resorts, hotels, villas, private sector
Hotels Skhodnitsa and the private sector in Skhidnytsa take lion's share of tourists. Sanatoriums in Skhodnitsa not particularly well developed. Their place is taken by modern medical centers and some hotels that have their own medical facilities.
  • Hotel “Villa Grand”;
  • Skhidnytsa, private country estate “Sisters’ place”;
  • Villa “Mozola”;
  • Private house “Igor Mychailovych”
  • Skhidnytsa, hotel “D’Anna”.
Resorts near Skhidnytsa
Information service in Skhidnytsa. Resort’s information service. Emergency services in Skhidnytsa.
  • Telephone code - +3803248;
  • Postal code – 82391;
  • Emergency – 48049;
  • Outpatient clinic – 48046;
  • Truskavets railway station information desk - (803247) - 51381.
Celebration of the town’s day in Skhidnytsa
Celebration of the town’s day in Skhidnytsa takes place every year in August 14-15th as a part of the festival “Skhidnytsa’s summer”.

Lviv oblast
Drohobych region
49°13′48″ n. l. 23°20′55″ e. l.

How to get to Skhidnytsia
By train - the cities of Lviv and Truskavets, then bus to the resort.
By car: through Truskavets to Borislav, further on Skhidnytsia.


Resort Skhidnytsa is a healing power of the Carpathians springs!

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