Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Huklyvyi - rest in Zakarpattia

The last big village on the way to Podobovets an Pylypets which are the famous ski resorts. In Huklyvyi there are hotels, cottages, estates with high levels of comfort. Comfortable accommodation, transfers, interesting story.

Village Huklyvyi,
Volovets rajon
Zakarpattia oblast


Huklyvyi - hotels, private rest houses

In Volovets rajon in Zakarpattia in the valley between Borzhava and Beskyd spine is located a small village Huklyvyi. Its name comes from the stream Huklyvchyk. Although the village takes three rivers: Vicha, Veprovets and Velykyi Zvir (Big beast).
From ancient manuscript - "Huklyvska Chronicle" - know that Guklyvy was founded by immigrants from Galicia no later than 1588.
Carpathians always are charming, so in Huklyvyi you can relax in any season. Tourists are attracted by mountain landscapes, excursions to the interesting places and more.
Since 2010 in August in Huklyvyi are taking place the festivals blueberries, which the locals call yafynoyu. The meadow at the foot of Velykyi Verh is one of the largest blueberry fields in Ukraine. In the village there is even a monument to this king of berries.
Not only beautiful nature can attract tourists in Huklyvyi. Guests can visit the architectural monument the wooden church of the Holy Spirit is located here. The famous researcher of wooden churches in Zakapattia Michael Syrohman-Verhovinsky called it a masterpiece. The architectural complex church of Svyatoi Duh and bell tower of the XVIII century were built in baroque style is the most significant landmark Lemko wooden church architecture Volovets district. In the ancient church preserved iconostasis, made by German artist Franz Peer in 1784. It is the oldest of the three churches of the village restored in the seventies of the last century.
Near the church there are two ancient stone crosses. Now the temple is closed. If you go from Volovets the church is located to the right of the road on the way to Playa. Another local architectural attraction is Bojko house of the nineteenth century is moved to Uzhgorod Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.
Winter for fans of ski holiday in Huklyvyi is track length of 950 m with a height difference of 180 m. Neighbouring villages Pylypets, Podobovets Izky are popular ski resorts of Ukraine have slopes for beginners and professionals and even children's trails, rope and chair lifts, service ski instructors schools and freeriding.
In Huklyvyi there is a railway station, a regular bus service.
Tourist attraction near the village Huklyvyi
  • Sinevir lake;
  • Shypot waterfall;
  • the palace in Mukachevo;
  • the castle hot springs in Chinadievo;
  • the source of mineral water in Kelechyn.
Ski resorts and lifts near the village Huklyvyi
  • Podobovets;
  • Pylypets;
  • Izki;
  • Zhdenievo.
  • Volovets is 8 km;
  • Pylypets-about 11 km;
  • Podobovets-8 km;
  • Izky-15 km;
  • Mukachevo-74 km;
  • hust is 93 km;
  • Uzhhorod – 113 km;
  • Lviv – 190 km;
  • Kyiv-733 km.
Accommodation in Huklyvyi

Cottages, rest houses and hotels in Huklyvyi have a good level and relatively inexpensive. In most of them there are a transfer service to the ski lifts Podobovets, Pylypets or Izky. The village Huklyvyi is a railway station.
From the hotel you can make trips to interesting places in Zakarpattia or just spend the night while traveling in the Carpathian Mountains. Trains pass through the railway station to Uzhgorod, Chop, so in Huklyvyi you can have a convenient stop over the weekend.

How to get Huklyvyi?
By the train - in the direction to Uzhgorod, Chop; to the station Volovets or Huklyvyi (if train is commuter connections).
By car - highway Kiev-Chop to the post of traffic police near the vilaage Lover Gate; here is a pointer to Volovets, Huklyvyi.
By bus - from Lviv towards Mezhyhirya and Svalyava.
Podobovets and Pylypets can be reached from Huklyvyi by bus.
Coordinates: 48° 56.1′ 19.5″, 22° 42.1′ 33".
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