Development and creation of sites for hotels

Prices on site for hotel, cottage, resort complex in the Carpathians are available. Site "turnkey": domain name registration, photo shoot, content, maintenance, optimization...
Development and creation of sites for hotels in Carpathians
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Development and creation of websites - price site

Website for hotel, cottage, wellness center in the Carpathians

The company ISDL which is the developer of the popular travel portals and provides services in the design and creation of websites for hotels, private houses, health centers and ski apartment complex in the Carpathians.

Create a site for hotel

Simple site-visiting card for the hotel usually incorporates the following pages:

  • Description;
  • catalog numbers;
  • 3D catalog numbers, gallery rooms and prices;
  • photo gallery, slide show;
  • Satellite map;
  • Reservation form;
  • contact details, send mail form;

The price of a site formed depending on the functionality. Create a site for the hotel is possible in the short term at navnosti finished the layout of the site. In the absence of a customer site layout, design and timing agreed by the Parties.

Additional features when creating a simple website business card

  • connection for self-administration of editing pages;
  • Reservations complete with a choice of room type, Terms of Service, the number of tourists;
  • possibility prohlyadu database of reserved rooms, orders etc;
  • the possibility of a database of potential customers;
  • connection prohlyad review and editing;
  • connecting shapes reviews of staff performance.

Benefits for the customer portal “Winter Mountains”

When you create a personal website, we can use the available information you received when placing a portal page to “”, namely photos, 3D panoramas, virtual tours, hotel details, guest rooms, services, prices. This eliminates the need for additional onsite and payment of the photographer. As a result of & mdash; decrease the cost of developing the site and the ability to redirect the budget for promotion, but not least.

Examples of our work:

create a website, the price

Site design hotel in Odessa, Zatoke: description of resorts, hotels, rooms, room photos, hotel photos, send e-mail form, slideshows ....

Zatoka, hotel website «Puffin»

Zatoka, hotel website

Creating a site in Odessa - the hotel website "Petrel" in Zatoka: description, number of rooms, pictures of rooms, slideshow, book, database maintenance danyh...

Zatoka, hotel website

Creating a site for recreation "Breeze" - localization (Ukrainian, Russian, English), a multi-site booking form ...

hotel website

Site design: Odessa, Gribovka, recreation "Baracuda". Booking form, payment through bank slideshow ...

Gribovka, the hotel website «Panama City»

hotel website

Building a website for this hotel are: description, a list of numbers, 3D catalog, photos, virtual tours, reservation form, map Google, author's texts ...

hotel website

Creating a site for the hotel: the hotel description, number of rooms, photos, slideshows, virtkalny tour reservation form, map Google...

create a website, the price

Example of creating a site for recreation (cottage). Created online catalog numbers, photos, 3D panoramas, reviews, logging ...

hotel website

Example of site development for pension: original articles about the resort and tours, photos, description, map, send e-mail form, reservation form ...

create a website, the price

Example online store website fitoapteki. Means of the product catalog, order dispatch, maintenance of the database by product, customers, orders, ...

Illichivs'k site mini-hotel «Ilichevochka»

hotel website

Creating a site for a mini-hotel, cottage Iljichiovsk. Slideshow, original menu, photo gallery, catalog rooms, form of communication with the administration ...

Seaside site recreation «Primorye»

create a website, the price

Creating a site for recreation in Primorye. Pages: description, catalog numbers, photos, sending mail, map Google, widgets...

create a website, the price

Example of creating a website for the cottage, mini-hotel. Pages: description, resort, catalog rooms, photo gallery, sending mail, the card ...

create a website, the price

Example of creating a website "turnkey" to include development, create a 3D tour , description, number of rooms, photo gallery, form of communication with the administrator ...

create a website, the price

An example of a multilingual website. Localized in 3 languages, "summer", "winter version", catalog numbers, photos, video, 3D gallery, book, map, news...

hotel website

A simple online business card of the hotel in the Carpathians: website creation, 3D tour, catalog numbers, primary content, widgets, sending mail, photo gallery...


*Customer Information Portal «»!

Create a site for the hotel and benefit:

  • an integrated approach in the design and creation of sites;
  • selection and registration of the domain name;
  • Services in accommodation site on the server provider;
  • content and support;
  • photographer, 3D virtual tours;
  • the opportunity to support the website: maintaining catalog, change information, etc;
  • Submit your site to search engines and popular directories;
  • SEO optimization;
  • link to the site of the popular tourist portal.

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