Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Resorts and recreation in the Carpathians

Bukovel, Dragobrat, Huklyvyi, Izky, Lazeshchyna, Mukachevo, Myhove, Oryavchyk, Plavie, Podobovets, Polianytsa (Bukovel) , Polyana, Pylypets, Shayan, Skhidnytsa, Slavske, Truskavets, Volovets, Yablunytsa, Yaremche, Yasinya

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Rest in the Carpathians

Rest in the Carpathians The Carpathians is a wonderfull place to rest. All kinds of trips and walking tours are possible in Carpathians in Summer: horseback riding, bicycle, and motor bicycle and off-roads vehicles tours, bus tours. Winter is a paradise for lovers of skiing and snowboards. Most ski resorts have tracks of different level of complexity (Bukovel, Slavske, Yablunytsia, Volosianka, Tysovets, Plavie, Pylypets, Podobovets), for beginners there are tracks in Skole, Kobyletska Poliana, Lazeshchyna, Poliana, Verkhniy Studenyi, for professionals there are tracks in Dragobrat, in the highest ski resort of Ukraine.
Odarka Odarchenko 3/1/2016

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Pylypets, cottage "At Ivan and  Lida" 1/3/2017 Pylypets, cottage "At Ivan and Lida"

Three storey cottage with cozy rooms of class "economy" and "junior luxury suite". The territory has places for rest, parking as well, Wi-Fi Internet. There are free transfers to ski lifts.
311-A, Pylypets village, Zakarpattia oblast

Yablunytsia, private house Onufrakiv 12/24/2016 Yablunytsia, private house Onufrakiv

High season - 370 UAH per room!

Rooms of "standard" class, sauna with a swimming pool, a parking, a summer house with a fireplace. Instructor's consultations, transfer, ski equipment rental.
Yablunytsia village, settlement Dil

Slavske, сottage complex  "Boykivska khata" 12/16/2016 Slavske, сottage complex "Boykivska khata"

Accommodation in Slavskе in wooden two-storey cottages. All the amenities. Sauna and tubs with medicinal herbs. A children's playground. Distance to the nearest ski lifts in Slavske on the Trostyan Mountain is about 2 km.
Slavske village, Ustyianovych St, 56-B

Cottages in Skhidnytsa «The Beaver» 12/7/2016 Cottages in Skhidnytsa «The Beaver»

Two wooden cottages for 4 persons each near the sources of the №3, 13, 8, 9, 10 equipped for comfortable stay of the guests. There are Wi-Fi, a sauna, a therapeutic chan.
Boryslav Str. 67, Skhidnytsia

Yasinya  - "Hutsul capital" of Ukraine 10/30/2016 Yasinya - "Hutsul capital" of Ukraine

Yassin is a village with a unique Hutsul culture. Thanks to the geographical position between the most famous ski resort in Ukraine Bukovel and Dragobrat winter Yassin is a tourist mecca...
Yasinya, Zakarpattia oblast

Huklyvyi - rest in Zakarpattia 10/30/2016 Huklyvyi - rest in Zakarpattia

The last big village on the way to Podobovets an Pylypets which are the famous ski resorts. In Huklyvyi there are hotels, cottages, estates with high levels of comfort. Comfortable accommodation, transfers, interesting story.
Huklyvyi, Zakarpattia oblast

“Panorama Yasinia” hotel 6/10/2016 “Panorama Yasinia” hotel

Hotel "Panorama Yasinia" is a complex of two-story buildings, a café and a gazebo with a barbecue and a sauna. It offers accommodation in 2-, 3-bed rooms with which have all conveniences, Wi-Fi.
Yasinia, 169 Borkaniuk Str.

Myhove – hotel "Khutir Solonets" 2/18/2016 Myhove – hotel "Khutir Solonets"

Comfortable accommodation in two-storey cottages in Myhove village in Bukovyna. Cafe, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, spa tubs, gazebo with barbecue, parking, Wi-Fi.
Chernivtsi oblast, Myhove village

Cottage in Truskavets "Olesya" 2/2/2016 Cottage in Truskavets "Olesya"

A rented cottage in Truskavets near the pump-room. Two room suite with a kitchen, bathroom, balcony. The cottage is rented completely or by rooms.
25 Danylyshynych Str., Truskavets

Dragobrat, “Stara Fortetsia” mini-hotel 1/2/2016 Dragobrat, “Stara Fortetsia” mini-hotel

Close to lifts, rooms with all amenities, a restaurant, a kolyba, rental of ski equipment, a sauna, a flexible discount system.
Dragobrat, Yasinia settlement

Drahobrat,  hotel "Kazka Karpat" 1/2/2016 Drahobrat, hotel "Kazka Karpat"

Rest in hotels "Kazka Karpat" in Dragobrat. The hotel is nearby the rope tow. A chair lift is about 300 m to the hotel. 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms with all conveniences and suite rooms, meal, Wi-Fi Internet.
Yasinia village, Dragobrat resort

Slavske, guest house "At Demian’s" 1/2/2016 Slavske, guest house "At Demian’s"

Rest in Slavske at reasonable prices for the two-store building and cottages with 4 rooms and 250 m from the ski lift. Two meals in the restaurant, kitchen, pond, barbecue, transfer.
Slavske, 35а Olena Stepanivna Str.

Hotel "Villa Jasmine" in Truskavets 1/2/2016 Hotel "Villa Jasmine" in Truskavets

Hotel in Truskavets, "Villa Jasmine" is a rest in comfortable rooms, consultation of candidate of medical sciences, treatment on their own base, sauna with pool, Wi-Fi, Internet, food or cooking it yourself.
Stebnytska Str, 27-В, Truskavets

Skhidnytsia, "Pid Lisom" rest complex 12/24/2015 Skhidnytsia, "Pid Lisom" rest complex

Rest and recovery in the new rest complex with spacious comfortable rooms from "Standard" class to the "Suite" class. Breakfast or meals, complex medical procedures. Forest, mountains, beautiful landscapes.
Skhidnytsia settlement, 190-Ж T. Shevchenko Str.

Skhidnitsa, private house "At Panas’s" 12/23/2015 Skhidnitsa, private house "At Panas’s"

Comfortable and spacious rooms with the picturesque views of the Skhidnytsia. The rooms have a modern furniture, TV, refrigerator, bathroom, terrace. A Kitchen, food, not far from the sources, close to the forest. ,
Skhidnitsa, 19 Chornovil Str.

Myhovе 12/14/2015 Myhovе

The ski resort Myhove have tracks of different level, lightning of tracks, ski lifts, snow groomer, snow cannons, cozy restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, rental equipment, comfortable hotels.
Chernivtsi oblast, Myhove

Shayan resort 12/14/2015 Shayan resort

Rest and recreation in summer and winter among the remarkable nature of Zakarpattia: therapeutic mineral waters, clean air, exciting excursions and hiking in the mountains, winter fun, cozy and comfortable hotels.
Shayan village, Zakarpattia oblast

Hotel complex "Stupari′" 12/14/2015 Hotel complex "Stupari′"

Unique microclimate, mineral springs, swimming pool, hot water, excellent conditions for recreation, rooms of different categories, restaurant, Wi-Fi, transfer.
Spivocha st. 1-a, Shayan village

Myhove, "Kremenytsa" 12/14/2015 Myhove, "Kremenytsa"

Rest in Carpathians is a comfortable hotel in Myhove: 6 wooden cottages, single and double rooms, a restaurant, a kolyba, lifts, interesting excursion programs, inexpensive price 2016-2017 on housing in Vyzhnytsya
Vyzhnytsia, 89-А N. Yaremchuk Str

Hotel "Edelweiss" near Bukovel 12/14/2015 Hotel "Edelweiss" near Bukovel

Hotel "Edelweiss" in Yasinya is a great holiday option if you want to have time to visit Bukovel, Dragobrat, Yablunytsia. Accommodation in comfortable rooms with or without meals.
Borkanyuk St. 5, Yasinia

Skhidnytsia, hotel "DiAnna"
Hotels and resorts in Skhidnytsya. Private house "Villa Alessia"
Dragobrat, hotel "Yaremyna khatyna"
Dragobrat, hotel "Skelya"
Drahobrat, hotel "Krokus"
Yablunytsia, cottage «Mykulynka»
Slavske, mini-hotel "Pid khmaramy"