Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Ski resort Dragobrat

Web, site, hotels, prices at the ski resort Dragobrat. Availability of snow is guaranteed, isolation from civilization and amazing landscapes around the ski resort attract many lovers of skiing to rest in Dragobrat.

Ukraine, Zakarpattia oblast, Dragobrat

Rest in Dragobrat – ski resort in the Carpathians

Dragobrat 2023 – freeriding and lack of good roads

The name to the ski resort Dragobrat was given after the same mountain hole. Dragobrat is the highest ski resort of Ukraine. It is located at an altitude of 1300 - 1400 m above the sea level among horseshoe-shaped mountains mass of Svydovets. There is a stable snow cover on the slopes of mountains in such geographical location. Snow may lie here from November to May.
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Transfer Yasinya-Dragobrat Transfer to Dragobrat hotels
Transfer Yasinya-Dragobrat Transfer to Dragobrat hotels

Dragobrat is on the boarder of coniferous forests. Above them an alpine zone starts and the beginning of the mountain mass. From this place you may see beautiful views to Chornagora Mountain and Gorgany Mountain. From this point it is possible to see peaks of such mountains as Hoverla, Petros, Doboshanka, Syniak and others.
Dragobrat is located 18 km from Yasynia village in Zakarpattia oblast and 9 km from the highway Uzhgorod-Ivano-Frankivsk.
You can get to Dragobrat only through mountain roads and its condition allows driving only with cars of all-wheel drive. That is why transportation here from Yasynia in most cases is made by popular in this area former military off-the-road vehicle UAZ and GAZ-66. Quality of roads remains without change at the ski resort Dragobrat in 2023.
Main ski tracks of Dragobrat resort

Tracks of ski resort Dragobrat are on the gentle slopes of mountains Stig and Zhandarm without sharp level differences. The angles of the slopes inclination is 12...19°. Tracks in Dragobrat suited both for advanced skiers and beginners. There have been constructed tracks for freestyle of an international importance.

Features of tracks
Ski resort Dragobrat
  • Level difference – about 500 meters
  • Tracks classification – blue, red, black
  • Length of tracks – from 300 to 2000 km
  • Lifts – from 200 to 1500 m, rope tow, a chair lift, multi-lift (training);
  • Lightning of tracks – there is no in availability;
  • Snow groomer – there is available;
  • Tracks for free style – there are available.
At the tourists’ service
  • Car parking in Yasynia village;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Skis’ repair shop;
  • First-aid post;
  • Skiing school and instructor’s services;
  • Snowmobiles;
  • Four-wheeler motorcycles;
  • Freeride tours;
  • Ski-tours using snow groomer;
  • Sleds rental.
Settlements near Dragobrat and ski resorts of the Carpathians
Lifts’ cost in Dragobrat ski resort, 2019
  • From 30 UAH per 1 lift
  • From 150 UAH per 5 lifts
  • From 250 UAH per 10 lifts
  • From 450 UAH per 20 lifts
  • From 1000 UAH per 50 lifts.
Dragobrat resort – prices for equipment rental
Skis and snowboards rental cost – 70-150 UAH.
How to get to this place
Most of tourists drive to Dragobrat through Ivano-Frankivsk. If you travel by train you have to go towards Ivano-Frankivsk, then to take a regular bus or a taxi from Ivano-Frankivsk to Yasynia village.
Another route is through Lviv, then to Yasynia. Through this village runs the train Lviv-Rakhiv.
If you travel by your own car you have to go to Ivano-Frankivsk, Nadvirna, Yaremche, Yablunytsa, and Lazenshchyna towards Yasynia village.
Coordinates: 48°14′57″ N. 24°14′50″ E.
  • Uzhgorod - 240 km
  • Ivano-Frankivsk - 114 km
  • Lviv - 250 km.
Festivals in Dragobrat
    Festival “Planet-Dragobrat” is taking place at the beginning of May Freeride Fest – international competition on freeriding at the ski resort Dragobrat.
Directory inquiries in Dragobrat and important information
  • Dragobrat website: http://zymaghory.com/tourism/dragobrat/eng
  • Code distance communication 03132
  • Rescue service in Rakhiv - +38 (03132) 2-10-13
  • Rescue service in Yasynia - +38 (03132) 4-23-23
  • Lifts’ working hours: from 9.00 to the end of daylight hours.
Rest and accommodation in Dragobrat – resorts, hotels, private sector in Dragobrat. Accommodation prices in Dragobrat
You can stay at the resorts and hotels in Dragobrat which are located near lifts. Accommodation price in Dragobrat is from 230 UAH per double room at low season.
* Dragobrat – photos used from free sources
Dragobrat 2013 - 2023. The Carpathians, rest in Dragobrat
Ski resort Dragobrat
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