Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Slavske – rest in the Carpathian

Slavske or Slavsko - so called locals the famous ski resort of Carpathian. Tracks of levels for beginners and for professionals have been paved for winter rest in Slavske.

Settlement Slavske
Skole region
Lviv oblast


Slavske – winter and summer rest in the Carpathians

Accommodation in Slavske, hotels and private estates in Slavske

Slavske is a small town situated in Skolivsky (or Skole) region Lviv oblast at an altitude 590 meters above the sea level. Славсько траси, схили Slavske is well known place for winter and summer rest; it’s a famous ski resort.
Convenient transport location, favorable climate, large variety of alpine skiing tracks, hotels and resorts in the recent years have turned out Slavske into one of the most popular resort in Ukraine.

Summer rest in Slavske is an opportunity to climb of the mountains using lift, to wander in the mountains; it is also an opportunity to gather mushrooms and berries, to admire cold mountains rivers and picturesque landscapes. Both tourists groups and just guests visit Slavske. There is a ropeway in Slavske that leads to the mountain Trostian, rising almost half an hour you can admire by amazing mountains views. Summer rest in Slavske has its loyal supporters, because only on the slopes of Trostian Mountain you can bask in the sun, enjoy delicious Carpathians meals and watch the flights of glider pilots in the sky. Slavske in summerhas few guests, but with appearance of first snow in winter this town turns out into a real Mecca for lovers of downhill skiing. In due time Slavske held annual championships of downhill skiing, including international ones. Slavske thanks to the variety of skiing tracks, a long season of snow on the northern slopes, beautiful landscapes and convenient transport links with each year is becoming more and more popular among supporters of active winter holiday.
Resort’s main ski tracks

Slavske, Trostian Mountain:

There is a complex of tracks on the Trostian Mountain which are served for advanced skiers. Officially declared 11 tracks with a total length of 22 kilometers, however there are tracks which are not included into this list, so it is possible to climb down in other places. International Ski Federation (FIS) has certified 6 tracks, which means they have appropriate level of complexity and service to hold international skiing competitions.

Tracks features:

  • Height of the mountain —- 1235 m;
  • Number of tracks — 11;
  • 2 slalom tracks (men and women);
  • 2 super-slalom tracks (men and women);
  • 2 super-giant slalom tracks (men and women);
  • Slopes at the top —- steep (40-50°), classified as of medium difficulty tracks and challenging;
  • Slopes at an altitude of 1050 m — mostly gently (30-35°), classified as tracks for beginners and amateurs;
  • Ropeways — chair-lift 2750 m and rope tows 570-1300 m, baby rope tow — 200 m;
  • Length of the tracks — 1000 to 2000 m, different level of complexity;
  • North slope — one rope tow length 1200 m, tracks for more trained and experienced skiers;
  • Central slope — athletic track 1000 m access restricted, baby-lift at the foot of a mountain;
  • Western slopes —3 rope tows length 1000 m, there is a track for teaching beginners and children;
  • Level difference — from130 to 550 m.

To reach the lift station is only possible by the car with four-wheel drive. Usually UAZ cars run between the village and ropeway.

Slavske, Pogar Mountain:

This mountain is situated in the heart of Salvske; it is not far from the railway station. Slope of the mountain is a convenient place for skiing, it has average and above average level of difficulty. Slope of the mountain is quite steep - about 30°, so it requires good ski skills. This track is equipped with snow cannons, there is also a snow groomer and partially this track is lighted. In the morning and in the evening snow groomers tamp snow. It is suitable for night skiing, but light is turned on in the presence of a large number of tourists. This track is certified by the International Ski Federation. It hosts slalom completion, giant slalom. There are also tracks for freestyle on the slope.

Tracks features:

  • Height of the mountain — 875 m;
  • Number of tracks — 3;
  • Rope ways - 2 rope tows 650 — 700 m;
  • Length of tracks – up to 900 m, average and above average level of complexity;
  • Width of tracks — 30 -100 m;
  • Level difference — up to 200 m.

There are rental ski agencies not far from tracks, hotels and private buildings in Slavske. There is a car park at the foot of a mountain and convenient approach by your own vehicles.

Slavske, Kremen Mountain (Polytechnic)::

Tracks on the mountain Kremen, or as they are called “Polytechnic” and “FMI”, are the easiest, without extreme and steep slopes, they are located at the entrance into Slavske. These tracks were built for beginners and amateurs. Low complexity of tracks allows them to gain initial skills of downhill skiing, improve skills or just enjoy skiing in Slavske. Slopes of Kremen Mountain are also popular among snowboarders for having rest and holding competitions.

Tracks features:

  • Height of the mountain — 173 m;
  • Number of tracks — 2;
  • Rope ways - 2 rope tows 1000 m and 600 m, multi-lift 200 m;
  • Length of tracks – up to 600-1000 m, for beginners;
  • Width of tracks — 100 -150 m;
  • Level difference — about 80-250 m.

Complex “Polytechnic” of Slavske resort has instructors for beginners as well.
Except lifts, UAZ and GAZ-66 cars are used to climb of the mountain and it is worth saying that drivers have consummate mastery for this kind of work.

Slavske, Menchil Mountain (Warsaw)

Mountain Menchil, or as it is called Warsaw, is located near Grabovets village not far from Slavske. Accommodation prices and rope ways here are lower than in Slavske, there is modern fast ski lift as well. This track is suitable for skilled skiers, with sharp turns and sometimes with hills. There are several options descent from a mountain, one of which passes through the “tunnel” that is among forest glades. Warsaw tracks suits for those who conquered tracks of “Polytechnic” and Trostian Mountain is too hard for skiing yet. At the beginning of track in Slavske there is quite gentle slope where beginners can be in training.

Tracks features:

  • Height of the mountain — 1072 m;
  • Number of tracks — 3 in Grabovets of average level and 1 of high complexity in Warsaw;
  • Rope ways — 2 rope tows 1000 m and 850 m;
  • Length of tracks – up to 2000 m;
  • Width of tracks — 100 -150 m.

There is disadvantage of this track: it is a bit remote from the center of Slavske. Advantages: small queues to the lift, possibility to move to Trostian and Grabovets Mountains.

Slavske, Vysoky Verkh Mountain

This complex contains several tracks located on the slopes of Zvorets Mountain and Vysoky Verkh Mountain, as well as slopes near the tourist complex. New high-speed lifts are installed here. Tracks on Vysoky Verkh Mountain are of different difficulty, suits for beginners and advanced skiers. Choosing place for having rest in Slavske there is a need to take into account that Mountain Vysoky Verkh has no forest cover, so wind is always blowing there. However, this place due to its simple slopes is the best place for beginners and snowboarders.

Slopes features:

  • Height of the mountain — 1242 m;
  • Number of tracks — 9;
  • Rope ways — two-seated lift - 2800 m, boarding station at an altitude 1075 m, rope tow №1 - 700 m, rope tow №2 - 750 m, rope tow №3 - 800 m, multi-lift - 250 m;
  • Length of tracks - 700 - 1800 m;
  • Width of tracks — 40 -100 m;
  • Level difference — about 552 m.

Snowboard in Slavske, Volosyanka

Snowboarders enjoy the slopes of the mountains where complexes “Polytechnic” and “Zahar Berkut” are located. Tourist complex Zahar Berkut is situated 8 kilometers from Slavske in the direction Volosyanka village; it has convenient approach for vehicles, car park, sports equipment rental and instructors. Slopes of Trostian Mountain in comparison are less suitable for snowboarders, as the mountain is very steep and it is probable collision with skiers.

Description of ski lift zones, Slavske
Name (owner) of lift Type of lift Length of lift Capacity
  Trostian Mountain
1 Chair-lift канатний 2750 400
2 Central the first rope way 1100 250
3 Central the second rope way 1150 1000
4 Northern rope way 1300 200
5 Top western rope way 900 210
6 Medium western rope way 1000 250
7 Low western rope way 700 250
8 The fourth western rope way 570 210
9 FMI rope way 1000 400
10 Polytechnic rope way 600 230
11 Children (SC "Maxim") бугельліфт 200 300
  Pogar Mountain
12 Dynamo rope way 700 200
13 Ski club "Carpathian" rope way 700 200
14 Krokus rope way 700 250
15 Slavsky rope way 650 250
  Menchil Mountain
16 The first rope way 1000 500
17 The second rope way 850 300
  Vysoky Verkh Mountain
18 Chair-lift pair-chair lift 2800 400
19 Top rope way 750 500
20 Low rope way 700 500
Tracks maintenance in Slavske resort:
  • Slavske, Trostian - snow groomer;
  • Slavske, Pogar — snow groomer, lighting, snow cannons;
  • Slavske, Kremen – snow groomer;
  • Slavske, Menchil – snow groomer;
  • Slavske, Warsaw – snow groomer;
Summer rest in Slavske

Summer rest in Slavske has its charm and its supporters. Summer holidays in the mountains are no less popular than the rest by the sea. Beauty and majesty of the Carpathians, fresh and clean air, amazing sceneries and landscapes, brightness and sophistication of their color, horse riding, cycling, quad biking, fishing, mushrooms every year attract more and more tourist to visit Slavske.
In summer it is quite warm in Slavske and low prices for accommodation, at the Trostian mountain lift is operating.

Festivals in Slavske

International Rock Festival “Slavske-Rock”

Accommodation in Slavske
You may stay in Slavske in private houses, hotels and resorts. Most of them provide meals and wide range of services during your holiday.
Cost of lifts in Slavske
  • Season ticket “Weekday” - from 100 UAH/day
  • Season ticket “Day off” - from 150 UAH/day
Cost of rental equipment in Slavske resort
  • Skis — from 50 UAH per day
  • Snowboards — from 60 UAH per day
Entertainment in Slavske
  • Rides on snowmobiles
  • Sledding
  • Skis
  • Sledges
  • Horse ridding
  • Speed riding
  • Billiards
  • Sauna
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Discos
  • Bowling
How to get to Slavske
You should take trains towards Uzhgorod, station Slavske.
You may take bus Lviv - Slavske, Uzhgorod, Stryi.
You can get there by your own car on the road Kyiv — Chop to the turn into Skole town in the direction to Slavske.
Coordinates: 48°51'18.72"N, 23°27'30.76"E
Transport in Slavske
Most cars UAZ or GAZ-66 are converted to carry passengers; local consummate drivers will get you safely to any mountains.
Distances to Slavske resort
  • Lviv - 130 km;
  • Kyiv - 680 km.
Nearest tourists sightseeing and interesting places to Slavske
  • Tustan Fortress, Urych village - 58 km;
  • Waterfall Shypit, Pylypets river - 36 km;
  • Mountain lake Khashchovanske;
  • Dovbush rocks in Bubnyshche village - 110 km;
  • Waterfall Kamyanka - 30 km;
  • Mountain spring “Pysana krynytsa” – Vysoky Verkh Mountain in Volosyanka.
Nearest ski resorts
  • Play, Plavye - 11 km;
  • Verchniy Studeny – 14.5 km;
  • Volovets – 28.6 km;
  • Podobovets – 34.5 km;
  • Pylypets – 37.7 km.
Directory inquiry service and important information in Slavske
Rescue service:
Slavske, str. Ustyanovych, 2
03251 42-102
03251 42-503
Municipal hospital:
Slavske, str. Archangelskogo
03251 42-243
03251 42-165 (emergency)
03251 42-166 (inpatient department)
03251 42-236
03251 42-574
Directory inquiry service in Slavske:
03251 42-231
Weather in Slavske
Mountain ranges Beskydy and Gorgany next to Slavske affect on the climate of this resort. Slavske is characterized by permanent windless weather with large number of precipitation in winter. Weather information in Slavske you can get on the site “Weather”.
*Photos by Bazylchuk Pavlo (http://ukrfoto.net/foto_12-5.html)
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