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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах
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Skhidnytsia, Balytski mini-hotel

067 721-77-94,  067 268-75-46,  098 381-03-84

B. Khmelnytski Str., 40a, Skhidnytsia settlement, Lviv oblast
GPS: 49.225300, 23.368274


Rest and recreation in Skhidnytsa - accommodation in comfortable single or double rooms close to the medical sources №5 and №6. Tthree meals a day, interesting excursions, parking, Wi-Fi
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Skhidnytsia — private houses, cottages — rest and health improving in the Carpathians

The Balytski private house


The private house is located near Skhidnychanka mountain river; it is in the outskirts of Skhidnytsia settlement and it is near the forest in which in appropriate season you can gather mushrooms and berries, enjoy beautiful nature like everywhere in the Carpathians. In several minutes walk there are healing springs of mineral waters №5 and №6.


The Balytski private house includes two two-storey cottages with spacious and light rooms for guests. The houses have water heating, cold and hot water is 24 hours. There is also a summer house a and a grill on the large territory.


Guests can stay at two-room rooms or two-room “family” rooms. Rooms have comfortable furniture, each room has a refrigerator, TV set and a bathroom as well.
One-room “Standard”:
  • 2-bed rooms;
  • two single beds, a sofa;
  • TV with satellite TV;
  • refrigerator, kettle;
  • wardrobe;
  • dinning-room table, chairs;
  • bathroom (toilet, wash basin, shower).
Two-room “Family”:
  • 3-4-bed room;
  • single or double beds, upholstered furniture;
  • TV;
  • refrigerator, kettle;
  • dinning-room table, chairs;
  • wardrobe;
  • one of two rooms has a fire place;
  • bathroom (toilet, wash basin, shower).


The Balytski private house offers three meals a day.
You can order breakfast and dinner or only lunch at your request.
Price per meal subject to agreement.
You can also buy healing Carpathian's honey in the owners.

Price per accommodation

Price per accommodation in 2017 at the Balytski private house per room per night without meal:
  • one-room “Standard” is 280 UAH;
  • two-room “Family” is 380 UAH.

Service includes

  • Wi-Fi;
  • parking;
  • wood for the grill;

Service for extra charge

  • doctor's advice, medical services at the centers of Skhidnytsia (massage, salt mines, swimming pool, sauna);
  • apitherapy sessions;
  • organization of excursions to the local attractions;
  • balloon flight over the Carpathians.

Special offers

  • “low season ” discounts;
  • discounts for children.

How to get this place

GPS: 49.225300, 23.368274


  • (+38) 067 721-77-94 - Luibomyr;
  • (+38) 067 268-75-46 - Halyna;
  • (+38) 098 381-03-84 - Oksana;
  • Lviv oblast, Skhidnytsia, 40-А B. Khmelnytskyi str.
  • The Balytski private house


We invite to rest at the Balytski private house in Skhidnytsia!


2016 - 2017, Rest and health-improving in the Carpathians, the Balytski private house