Rest in the Carpathians
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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Rest in Yablunytsa

Yablunytsa village has one of the most famous ski resorts built during the Soviet period. Appearing of Bukovel resort had an influence on the intensive development of Yablunytsa resort nowadays.

Yablunytsa, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Rest in Yablunytsa

Rest in the Carpathians, Yablunytsa, resorts, hotels, private houses in Yablunytsa

Yablunytsa (Russian version is Yablunitsa) is a highland ski resort (960 m above the sea level). Not far from Yablunytsa there are famous tourist centers - Bukovel (12 km) and Yaremche (35 km). The highway Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Mukachevo passes through this village. Yablunytsa pass plays an important role in transport connection of Ukraine with Central and Western Europe. This pass is located on the boarder of Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk oblast and connects valleys of the rivers Prut and Chorna Tysa. Yablunytsa pass opens beautiful views of such mountains as Syniak, Khomiak, Dovbushanka, Hoverla, Petros, and Blyznutsi. This pass has another name – Tatarsky. Tatar and Mongol ordas of Batu Khan once passed through this territory. For the first time this village was mentioned in 1643 and its name Yablunytsa was taken from the mountain of the same name. The feature of this village is that divided into regions (or areas) not into streets.
There is variety of different tracks on the slopes of the nearest mountains, level of complexity marked with blue and red color.
Yablunytsa provides enough range of accommodation for rent. If you wish to rent cheap accommodation in Bukovel it is better to find it in Yablunytsa..
You can rest at any time of year in Yablunytsa.  In winter this place attracts, first of all, lovers of skiing, and in summer Yablunytsa draws tourists of its Carpathians nature, clean air, different excursions and inexpensive accommodation.
A number of tourist tours around the Carpathians start here. As a group tour you may climb to the peaks of such mountains as Petros, Hoverla, Magura, and Khomiak.

Main tracks of Yablunytsa ski resort

  • Track “Cheshka” - length is 900 m, level difference is 280 m; Tracs of Yablunytsa
  • Track “Dynamo-1” – length is 900 m, level difference is 280 m;
  • Track “Kooperatyvna” – length is 860 m, level difference is 250 m;
  • Track “Bliny” – length is 400 m, level difference is 150 m;
  • Track “Korova” – length is 200 m;
  • Track “Koza”- length is 650 m.
Width of slopes is up to 150 m.

Ropeways in Yablunytsa resort

  • 5 rope tows;
  • Length of ropeways is up to 1100 m;
  • Ropeway for beginners.

At the tourists’ service

  • Café, restaurant, wooden restaurant;
  • discos;
  • sledding;
  • snowmobiles;
  • horses ridding;
  • walking tours;
  • souvenirs’ market;
  • rental of equipment;
  • car parking;
  • first-aid post;
  • Skiing school and services of instructor.

Accommodation in Yablunytsa and Bukovel

A number of hotels, private houses and resorts are offered accommodation in Yablunytsa. Appearing of Bukovel resort had a considerable impact on development of Yablunytsa resort. This village is being grown rapidly as a ski resort lately; this territory is under active construction nowadays.
In previous years in Bukovel you could buy season tickets for services at a lower cost than to buy single tickets for the same services, but only if you buy it in advance. A similar situation in Bukovel is for the season 2020. Yablunytsa resort provides different types of accommodation for rent; this village is not far from the famous resort Bukovel. If you wish to rent cheap accommodation in Bukovel it is better to find it in Yablunytsa.
Regular buses run every day from Yablunytsa to Bukovel. Price for accommodation in Yablunytsa resorts as of 2020 is about 300 UAH per night for standard double room with facilities on the floor.

Lifts’ cost and rental of equipment in Yablunytsa resort, season 2023

  • Ticket for the whole day – 350 UAH;
  • Rental of equipment in Yablunytsa –  100 UAH.

How to get to this place

To travel by train: you have to get to stations Vorokhta, Lazeshchuna, Yasynia, and then you have to take a regular bus or a taxi or by mutual arrangement with the owner of the hotel in Yablunytsa.
To travel by motor transport: you have to take a regular bus from the bus station in Ivano-Frankivsk; it runs every hour to Yablunytsa.
To travel by car: you have to choose the highway Р-03 towards Yaremche - Nadvirna - Deliatyn - Mykulychyn - Yablunytsa.

To travel from Uzhgorod: Mukachevo - Khust - Tiachiv - Rakhiv – Yasynia and then through Yablunytsa pass towards Yablunytsa village.
Coordinates: 48°01′40″ N. 24°55′12″ E.


  • Chernivtsi – 156 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – 95 km;
  • Lviv – 234 km.

Nearest settlements to Yablunytsa

  • Palianytsa (Bukovel) – 11,5 km;
  • Tatariv – 10 km;
  • Yaremche – 23 km;
  • Lazenshchyna – 9,4 km.

Nearest tourists’ sights and interesting places

  • Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary – monument of XVIII century;
  • Khomiak Mountain – the figure of the Virgin Mary;
  • Frontier posts that marked Polish and Czech boarder up to 1939;
  • Common grave of soldiers of the Carpathians Ukraine who die in 1939;
  • Lazenshchyna – church of the Transfiguration of Christ, it is a typical sample of cross Hutsul churches of Zakarpattia.

Nearest ski resorts

  • Palianytsa (Bukovel) - 11,5 km;
  • Yasynia - 12,4 km;
  • Mykulychyn - 19 km;
  • Vorokhta - 17 km;
  • Dragobrat - 27 km;
  • Yaremche - 23 km;
  • Verkhovyna - 36,3 km;
  • Rakhiv - 43,5 km.

Directory inquiries and important information in Yablunytsa

  • Lifts’ working hours: 9.00-17.00;
  • Ski season: December - March;
  • Rescue service in Yaremche: (03434) 2-22-01, 2-22-04, 4-41-65;
  • Rescue service in Vorokhta: (03434) 4-11-49, 4-13-97;
  • Code distance communication: 03434.

Hotels and private houses in Yablunytsa

Verkhovyna (from 500 UAH), Yablunytsa (from 600 UAH), private houses – from 200 UAH.
There are a lot of tourists in Yablunytsa for New Year’s holidays, though like in other resorts, so it is advisable to book rooms in advance.

One of the advantages of Yablunytsa village is that situated quite high above the sea level. Magnificent landscapes you may see from such height. And one more advantage: Yablunytsa has good transport links and it is easy to get to Bukovel which is located next to this village.

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