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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Mukachevo – unofficial capital of Zakarpattia

This is a town where is an atmosphere of Austrian and Hungarian Empire. There are many architectural monuments, small cafes and unusual dialect of the locals - excursions to Mukachevo are always interesting and informative

Zakarpattia oblast
Mukachevo region



Mukachevo. The capital of coffee and wine

Zakarpattia. Excursions to Mukachevo, Berehove, Uzhgorod. Palanok Castle

Mukachevo  is one the famous tourist centers traditionaly included in the excursion tours around Zakarpattia. Architecture of the town has notes of Austrian and Hungarian style, numerous castles and churches attract thousands of tourists from Ukarine and abroad. In this town is what to see and where to go. Small cafes, unique dialect of guests and you hear more Hungarian words than Ukrainian, impregnebale Palanok Castle, variety of luxury buildings and palaces give the impression of being somewhere abroad.
Mukachevo was located at the crossroads of important trade routes. It was a part of different states at one time and this left traces in ethnography, customs and traditions of the town.
First mention of Mukachevo was in Hungarian writings of XII century, although Slavic settlements were there in VI - IX centuries. In Х-ХІ centuries this settlement was a part of Kievan Rus. Since the XІ century Mukachevo passed into possession of Hungary, Galicia-Volyn Principality, Austria, Austria and Hungary, Czechoslovakia. In 1944 Mukachevo became a part of Soviet Union. Nowadays is a part of independent Ukraine.
The important strategic location of the settlement led to the construction of defensive structure. Built on the top of the mountain fortification and existed in the ІХ century withstood attacks of Mongol-Tatars invasions. Over the time the castle has been built and strengthened. After a long siege and capture of Palanok Castle by the troops of Austrian Emperor it became the most powerful fortress of the Empire.
Nowadays Palanok Castle in Mukachevo allocates the Historical Museum.

Interesting sightseeing of Mukachevo

  • Palanok Castle, museum and art gallery of the castle;
  • Town Hall, Mukachevo;
  • Racoczi Palace or White house;
  • Peace Square in Mukachevo;
  • St. Nicholas Monastery;
  • The main temple – Nicholas church;
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Assumption of ХІХ century;
  • Roman Catholic Church and chapel of St.Martin;
  • Orthodox Church of Virgin Mary of Pochaiv;
  • Chapel of St. Joseph of XI-XV century in Mukachevo;
  • The house of Tyvodar Legotsky in Mukachevo;
  • Monument to Cyril and Methodius;
  • Monument to Chimneysweep in Mukachevo;
  • Ancient Celtic melting shop;
  • Town-fortress where ancient tribes of Thracian lived;
  • Russian Drama Theater;
  • Shop of honey in Mukachevo;
  • Museum of Ethnography of Mukachevo University;
  • Festivals and important events in Mukachevo;
  • Wine Festival in Mukachevo - January;
  • City Day – May, the last Saturday of the month;
  • International Festival of theaters Ethno-Dia-Sphere - July;
  • Art Festival – August;
  • Honey Festival – September;
  • Medieval Festival in Mukachevo – September;

Interesting sightseeing near Mukachevo

  • St. Miklos Castle in Chynadiyevo (XV century), Skakalo waterfall – 13 km;
  • Shenborn Hunting Castle in Karpaty village – 20 km;
  • Mysterious Black Forest in Grabovo village – 66 km;
  • Red Hill - the most northern part where tea has been growing;
  • Seredniansky Castle and Seredniansky wine cellars – 23 km;
  • Berehove – colorful town of Zakarpattia with beautiful architecture, castles, museums, thermal pools and wine cellars – 27 km;
  • Tasting cellars of wine in Bobovysche – 16 km;
  • Mykulovtsi – healing spring of water – 23 km;
  • The capital of withe in Zakarpattia – Iza – 88 km;
  • Wine sampling in  "Wine House" Yanoshi village – 23 km;
  • Dyyda: Didivske Lake, Lake Castle and Roman Catholic Church of XIII century – 30 km;
  • Uzhgorod: museums, castles, monasteries, Roman Catholic churches, wines markets and the heart of the city – Korzo – 42 km;
  • St. Pokrovsky Monastery, Rakoshyno – 12 km;
  • Church of Archstratigus Michael of XVIII century, Kuchava – 11 km;
  • Church of Archstratigus Michael of XVII century,  Schastlyve – 22 km;
  • Church of St. Dmitrii of ХVII century, Vilkhovets – 14 km;
  • House-museum «Lemkivsky house» Zarychevo village Perechyn region – 65 km;
  • Perechyn waterfalls – 70 km;
  • Lumshory tubs – 85 km;
  • Nevytsky Castle – 49 km;

Excursions to Mukachevo

Excursions to Mukachevo are made from the following towns: Skhidnytsa, Truskavets, Morshyn, Bukovel, Slavske, Lviv and others.

Tour operates

  • The Carpathians Pearl — Skhidnytsa;
  • Europe Tour - Skhidnytsa;

Mukachevo - how to get to this resort; bus and trains schedule to Mukachevo

To get to Mukachevo is possible by plane through Uzhgorod, by train towards Uzhgorod or by buses in the same direction. If you travel by car you have to choose the highway Kyiv - Chop.

Nearest ski resorts

  • Syniak - km;
  • Poliana - km;
  • Solochyn - km;
  • Nearest spa resorts;
  • resort «Karpaty», it is on the territory of Shenborn Castle - 13 km;
  • resort Syniak - 24 km;
  • resort Poilana – 37 km;
  • resort Svaliava;
  • resort Solochyn.

Nearest settlements

  • Berehove – 27 km;
  • Serednye - 23 km;
  • Rakoshyno – 12 km;
  • Chynadiyevo - 13 km;
  • Karpaty – 20 km;
  • Yanoshi - 23 km.


Zakarpattia oblast,
Mukachevo region,

48° 26′ 43″ N, 22° 43′ 2″ E, 48.445278°, 22.717222°

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