Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Yaremche – rest near Bukovel resort

Yaremche in the Carpathians is center of applied arts, famous tourist center and climatic resort of Prycarpattia, this is a "trademark" of Bukovel

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Yaremche – rest near Bukovel

Waterfalls, mountains, souvenirs and winter rest in the Carpathians near Yaremche

Yaremche (old name is Yaremcha) is a town of regional subordination in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. Many tourist tours include visiting Yaremche and trips around the ring Bukovel - Yaremche – Vorokhta – Kosiv – Kolomyia and almost every resort is offered such kind of tours.
Major tourist attractions of Yaremche are included the rest among mountains covered with dense pine forest. After the trip to Yaremche in the memories would remain waterfall “Prybiy”, 12 meter long bridge over the river Prut, the souvenirs’ market (it is the second after the souvenirs’ market in Kosiv), Museum of Hutsul (also known as a restaurant) and churches constructed without any single iron nail. And there are Rocks of Dovbush, the rapid mountain river for extreme rafting, high mountains for lovers of beautiful views.
You would remember rafting on the rapid mountain river Prut spending spring holiday in Yaremche. Summer rest you would bear in mind climbing to the mountain peaks. Especially impressive are jumps of local teenagers into narrow neck of waterfall and the secret of this trick is known only to them. Autumn rest impresses by its magnificent sceneries, and winter in Yaremche that is clean frosty air, original Christmas holidays, snow and skiing. Skier who stays in winter in Yaremche can save a lot of money booking accommodation there. Hotels of Yaremche are offered their service at much lower prices than in Bukovel, and distances between settlements are relatively small.
You are going to visit Yaremche you would better take a camera. It turns out that there is easy to create highly artistic photos. To do this ‘masterpieces’ is enough to take a lot of pictures, and nature itself and local color would help you. After all, original photos near the waterfall or souvenirs’ market you can send to a photo exhibition (:)) or just leave them for yourself as a good memory about Yaremche rest.
Bukovel and Yablunytsa are not far from Yaremche; it is famous ski resorts. A little further is Dragobrat resort. There is a regular bus to Bukovel: Yaremche – Bukovel. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.
Features of ski tracks and ropeways of ski resort Bagrivets near Yaremche
  • 2 tracks of 200 and 300 meters for beginners;
  • Rope tow;
  • Levels difference - 105 m.
Accommodation in Yaremche
Clean air, amazing nature, a lot of interesting sightseeing around, cheap accommodation and close distance to famous ski resorts as Bukovel, Yasenytsa and Dragobrat all these are attractive for tourists. This resort is known not only for its tracks but the variety of entertainment and low prices in hotels of Yaremche. You can go skiing to Bukovel or Yablunytsa. There are regular buses from Yaremche and some hotels and villas are providing transportation of tourists. Hotels of Yaremche are offered accommodation at lower prices than in Bukovel resort; much lower prices are in many private houses and villas. Offered quality is usually average or high.
Nearest settlements
  • Vorokhta – 30 km;
  • Kolomyia – 47 km;
  • Palyanytsa – 33 km.
Nearest tourists’ sights and interesting places near Yaremche
  • Waterfall “Probii” in Yaremche and 12 meter long bridge over it;
  • Waterfall “Girls’ tears”;
  • Canyon in Yaremche;
  • 2 springs of mineral water;
  • Architectural monument – wooden restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”;
  • Path, rocks and the stone of Oleksa Dovbush;
  • “Glade of Love”, rock “Elephant”;
  • Mini zoo (open-air cages with deer and roes);
  • Souvenirs’ market;
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul, the Miracle of the Archangel Michael, Prophet Elias, the Assumption of the Mother of God;
  • Churches of John the Baptist, St. John the Merciful;
  • Metropolitan Archbishop Andrey Sheptysky museum;
  • Ethnography and Ecology museum of the Carpathians, “Ukrainian antiquity” museum".
How to get to this place
You should take a commuter train or passenger train towards Rakhiv. Travel by car – to Yaremche.
Distances to Yaremche
  • Lviv – 200 km;
  • Uzhorod – 276 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – 63 km.
Excursions in Yaremche and entertainment
  • Rafting on the river Sprut;
  • Climbing to the peaks of mountains Makovytsa, Pyatyhkatky, Hoverla;
  • Excursions to Kolomyia, Kosiv;
  • Excursions to Vorohkta, where there is a training center for sportsmen of ski jumps, biathlon and ski racing;
  • Excursions to Bukovetsky pass, rock “Pysany kamin”;
  • Climbing to the peak of Hoverla; it is the
  • mountain of the Ukrainian Carpathians;
  • Climbing to the peak of Khomiak Mountain;
  • Climbing to the peak of Pip Ivan Mountain.
Nearest ski resorts
Coordinates: 48°25'45''N, 24°32'2''E
Directory inquiries and important information in Yaremche
  • Code distance communication: 03434
  • Directory inquiries: +38 (03434) 22222
  • Yaremche resque service: (03434) 22201, 22204, 44165
  • Ambulance: Dovbush str., 5 22303
  • State Automobile Inspection Department Svoboda str., 148: (03434) 22616
  • City Police Station Rudnieva str., 13: (03434) 22202
  • Twenty-four-hour pharmacy in the hospital: (03434) 22913
  • Railway station inquiry, Yaremche: (03434) 22913
  • Town Day – the last Sunday of July.
You may rest at any time of the year in Yaremche. Lots of tourist sights, interesting places and skis’ tracks with ropeways attract lovers of summer rest in the Carpathians and admirers of winter sports.
* Yaremche, photos of tourist complex Vorokhta: http://vorohta.com.ua
Yaremche 2012 - 2023, the Carpathians – winter rest near Bukovel
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