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Resorts Truskavets

Truskavets is one of the largest spa resorts of Ukraine - accommodation in Truskavets, sanatorium and hotels in Truskavets, treatment in Truskavets

Lviv oblast Drohobych region Truskavets

Truskavets resort is a pearl of Ukraine

Truskavets: general information and climatic conditions
Truskavets is one of the largest spa resorts of Ukraine, known by the variety of types of mineral water, the most famous of which is “Naftusya”.
Truskavets resort is located to the north of the Carpathians foothills at an altitude 350 meters above the sea level. Breathtaking mountain views open from the buildings of the upper floors of many resorts. Changing of hillside light and clouds of fog that rises after rains gives those mountains some fantastically unreal appearance.
Truskavets is located in the valley between the rivers Vyshnytsya and Vorotyshche. Due to this location climate in the city is moderate warm and humid. This area has lowered and very unstable atmospheric pressure and it should take into account to people who have problems with blood pressure and planning to make a trip to Truskavets. Winter in Trusakvets is snowy, short, with thaws. Summer is warm with often high humidity. In autumn warm weather is kept for a long period. The average winter temperature is 6, 0 °C, in summer- + 18, 5 °C.
Summer weather may change several times a day, so the umbrella for the residents of Truskavets has become a common accessory.
Truskavets: the history of the resort
Truskavets, according to the archeological data, was known in the period of Kievan Rus. There are several options of the origin of the town. According to one of these options, the name of this small settlement got from the name of the river Truskava that once run there. The other archival documents have data that the word Truskavets is a name of Polish area Trushkovych and stems from an old Ukrainian name Trushko.
Guides give their own version of the town’s name: the name of Truskavets originates from the word “truskavka”. So the local dwellers called strawberries that once grew here in abundance. There is another version of the origin of this name from the Lithuanian word “druska” which means salt.
Salt, oil and ozocerite has been mined for a long time near Trusakvets. And from the beginning of the XIX century this town has been known by its mineral waters discovered and used by the local dwellers in medicinal purposes.
In 1827 the first hydropathical establishment built in Truskavets and since then it was officially considered as the resort. In the years 1835-1849 Lviv pharmacists T. Torosevych examined the chemical composition of the mineral water springs of Trusakvets resort. He carried out research on the springs “Naftusya”, “Maria” (spring #1), “Sofia” (spring #2), “Edward” (spring #6), and “Ferdinand” (spring #7). With the lapse of time therapeutic properties of the water “Bronislava” were described and it was started treating with peat mud diluted with mineral water.
Before World War I all the resorts of Truskavets took for treatment about 4-5 thousand of patients.
Mineral water and treatment in Truskavets
As a treatment the following types of mineral water is used in Truskavets resort:
It is hydrocarbonate, magnesium, calcium, brackish water with high contents of organic substances. “Naftusya” has palatable taste and slight smell of oil. It improves urodynamics process in the body, helps to eliminate sand and small urate calculus, has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the formation of new concretions, increases the function of endocrine glands, improves liver and clear the body of chemical waste.
“Maria”, “Sofia”
It is widely used at Trusakvets resort while treating gastrointestinal tract and concomitant diseases.
This type of water is used while treating respiratory diseases. “Yuzia”
Mineral water “Yuzia” contains substances of glycerin origin and positively affect on skin making it elastic and smooth.
“Naftusya” is called the Queen of mineral waters. “Maria”, “Sofia”, “Bronislava”, “Edward” and “Yuzia” are prescribed together with “Naftusya”.
Truskavets: indications for treatment in Truskavets
Mineral waters of Truskavets are used in treatment the following diseases: kidney and urinary tract diseases.
Chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis in remission, urolithiasis with the formation of urethral calculus and removal of calculus without dysfunction of kidneys and urine outflow, post operative or instrumental removal of calculus, congenital anomaly of kidneys, chronic prostatitis, urine acid diathesis.
Treatment of digestive system diseases.
In this resort provide treatment the following diseases: chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, angiocholitis, cholelithiasis, biliary dyskinesia and gallbladder, the latent form chronic pancreatitis, chronic colitis and enterocolits, dyskinesia of bowels.
Metabolism diseases.
The following diseases are possible to treat in this resort: alimentary obesity, pancreatic diabetes under stable compensation.
It is also possible to treat diseases as well as respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, and asthma), cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension, endarteriit), skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, eczema, herpes, seborrhea), spine diseases, joints, peripheral nervous system.
Truskavets resorts. Accommodation in Truskavets
Trusakvets today is a large network of modern resorts, boarding houses and health-treatment centers. Truskavets is one of the most popular resorts of Ukraine. Every year about 200 thousand people come to Trusakvets to take a course of medical treatment, to drink water with slight oil taste. Truskavets resorts, boarding houses, modern hotels and private villas await guests at any time of year.
Truskavets resorts “Almaz”, “Crystal”, “Yantar”, “Rubin”, “Vesna” integrated into JSC “Truskavetskurort”. Truskavets resorts provide a full range of treatment and rest. It allows being completely satisfied with the treatment in Truskavets. It is also possible to consult doctors and to order the necessary treatment and procedures. Cost for accommodation in Truskavets is 40-50 UAH per person not including meals as of 2011.
All resorts of Truskavets provide meals. However, for those guests who wish to diversify the diet there are numbers of cafes, restaurants. There are also fast food restaurants in the town. Prices are reasonable, for example, the cost of the complex dinner in the fast food restaurant “Two Geese” is from 30 UAH as of September, 2011. An average cost of three meals a day in the town’s café is 80-100 UAH.
In the town there is a gift market, a permanent exhibition and sale of paintings, tour operator offer different excursions and concerts.
How to get to Truskavets resorts. Bus and train schedule to Truskavets
To get to Truskavets resort is possible by bus or by train. From Lviv to Truskavets it is possible to get by regular bus or by suburban electric train. If you have a car you should choose the highway Kyiv-Chop, and then turn to Drohobych, after that turn to Trusakvets. Buses and trains schedule you can see in the tab “Schedule”as well as is on the website of the State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia): http://uz.gov.ua.
What should you take to Trusakvets?
  • You should take an umbrella in summer.
  • You should take warm clothes in summer if you are planning to lift into the mountains on the ropeway.
  • You should take warm clothes in summer if you are planning to lift into the mountains on the ropeway.
Excursions in Truskavets
  • Truskavets - Urych, fortress Tustan;
  • Sambir: the hall of organ music, architecture, historical monuments;
  • Slavske, ropeway, waterfall Kamyanka;
  • Truskavets – the Carpathians, Dovbush rocks;
  • Lviv golden horseshoe, castles and fortresses;
  • Yaremche, Vorochta, Bukovel;
  • Transcarpathian - Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Berehove;
  • Pochaiv (Holy Dormition Pochaiv Lavra);
  • Manyava Skete (Ukrainian Athos);
  • Truskavets – Lake Synevir, chair lift;
  • Waterfall Shypit, Borzhava mountain valleys etc.
Information service in Truskavets
  • Telephone code – 03247;
  • Call center - 032 9909111;
  • Bus station - 50263;
  • Railway station - 51381;
  • Airport ticket office - 51516;
  • Taxi - 55404, 53368, 50660, 51039;
  • Police station, policeman on duty- 51502;
  • State traffic police, chief of police- 69255, 50655;
  • Night pharmacy –Sagaydatchnyy str.16, telephone - 67042; .
Regular buses drive almost near all resorts of Trusakvets most of which are located next to railway station.
Distances to Truskavets resort
  • Lviv: 92 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: 97 km;
  • Drohobych: 10 km;
  • Stryi: 34 km.
Nearest ropeways
  • Slavske (single chair lift) - 100 km;
  • Volosianka (double chair lift) - 106 km;
  • Plavye (four-seated lift) - 100 km;
  • Pylypets, Borzhava (triple chair lift) - 161 km.
Nearest ropeways
  • Boryslav - 8 km;
  • Slavske - 100 km;
  • Tysovets - 98 km; /li>
  • Plai, Plavye - 100 km.
Nearest resorts
Lviv oblast Drohobych region Truskavets

49°16′40″ N. 23°30′28″ E.

Truskavets 2011 - 2018. Treatment in Truskavets. Resorts in Truskavets
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