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Skhidnytsa, hotel “D’Anna”

067 567-68-22,  03248 4-80-38

S. Bandery str. 12
Skhidnytsia settlement
Lviv oblast

Coordinates N:49.23249, E:23.34006


It is located in the center of Skhidnytsa; it offers a wide range of medical treatments, rest in the entertainment complex “Jumbo”. Treatment and rest in Skhidnytsa – high level of service, comfortable accommodation.
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ДіАнна, Східниця, готель в Східниці

Hotels of Skhidnytsa – rest and treatment in Skhidnytsa

Medical and health-improving complex “D’Anna”


Medical and health-improving complex “D’Anna” is located in the center of Skhidnytsa resort. Nearby there are mineral springs № 13, 1 "С", 10, 3. Not far from the hotel complex there is a small market of souvenirs and food market. Hotel “D’Anna” has a convenient transports’ access.


Hotel complex “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort consists of two, three and one five storeys building as well as a comfortable cottage where administrative, medical and sleeping rooms, recreation rooms, gyms, cafes and entertainment center are located. Extraordinary architecture of the complex “D’Anna” and the entertainment complex “Jumbo” which is situated on its territory fits harmoniously in the surrounding landscape.

The territory of the complex has: playground, summerhouses, benches, swings.

Elements of landscape design are used on the territory and it looks very beautiful. Children will be delighted seeing numerous characters of tales, fountains, wooden bridges and houses. On the territory there are cozy summerhouses where you can cook barbecue, admire the surrounding scenery of Skhidnytsa resort or just retire alone.

At the guests’ service there are:

restaurant, Finnish sauna, Russian bath, gym, billiards, table tennis.

A tennis court which is located on the territory of the complex “D’Anna” and a spacious gym equipped with modern facility as well as qualified coaches will help you to support your physical shape for the holidays. Finnish sauna and Russian bath will help to relax and renovate vitality.

Medical and health-improving complex “D’Anna” has independent system of heating, cold and hot water is 24 hours.

Treatment and health-improving procedures

Medical base of the complex “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort allows treating gastrointestinal disturbances and urinary system.
Traditional and some alternative medical methods are used in treatment of diseases; computer diagnostic of the organism is conducted as well.
Treatment procedures and consultations of the complex “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort are as follows:
  • doctor’s advice;
  • diagnosis, tests, electrocardiogram (with details);
  • hydrocolonotherapy;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • microclysters (oil, herbal);
  • massage;
  • hydrotherapy:
    • bathroom,
    • whirlpool massage,
    • color therapy,
    • aromatic oils,
    • herbal tea,
  • inhalations;;
  • hydro box with the effect of Turkish bath;
  • massage bed NUGA BEST;
  • miostimulator;
  • heating with projector;
  • apparatus “The second heart”.
Experienced physicians of the “D’Anna” complex in Skhidnytsa make a consultation; prescribed an individual complex of treatment and necessary procedures.

Alternative methods of treatment

  • active bioresonance therapy;
  • functional diagnostics of the body;
  • hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches);
  • reflexology (Su-Jok).


Hotel “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort offers accommodation in 2, 3-bed rooms “luxury suite”, “junior suite”, “standard” two-rooms wit all conveniences.
Each room has as follows:
  • telephone;
  • TV set;
  • compact disk stereo,
  • refrigerator;
  • safe;
  • wardrobe;
  • WC;
  • shower;
  • hairdryer;
  • liquid soap, shampoo.
“Standard” – one-room standard of the hotel “D’Anna”:
  • one-room for two people;
  • area - 20 sq.m.
  • double or two single beds,
  • some rooms have balcony.
“Junior suite” – one-room junior suite of the hotel “D’Anna”:
  • one-room for two or three people;
  • area - 34 sq. m.
  • double bed and folding sofa;
  • some rooms have balcony.
“Luxury suite” – two-room luxury suite of the hotel “D’Anna”:
  • two-room for two or tree people;
  • area - 40 sq.m.
  • double bed, sofa;
  • 2 TV sets;
  • balcony.

Price for accommodation

Prices for accommodation at the complex “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort as of 2017 - 2018:
Room categories Regular Season
High Season
1 person 2 persons 1 person 2 person
Standard Classic
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 1350 1700 1600 2000
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 1725 2350 1900 2600
Standard Comfort
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 1550 1900 1700 2100
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 1825 2450 2000 2700
Standard Superior
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 1800 2150 2000 2400
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2075 2700 2300 3000
Junior Suite
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 2000 2300 2100 2500
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2275 2850 2400 3100
Junior Suite Superior
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 2400 2700 2600 3000
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2675 3250 2900 3600
Junior Suite VIP
Tariff "Pension"(FB) 2500 2800 2700 3100
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2875 3350 3000 3700
Suite Classic
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 2400 2700 2600 3000
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2675 3250 2900 3600
Suite Comfort
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 2600 2900 2900 3200
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 2875 3450 3300 3900
Suite Superior
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 2900 3200 3100 3400
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 3175 3750 3400 4100
Suite Duplex
Tariff "Pension" (FB) 3200 3500 3500 3800
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 3475 4050 3800 4500
Suite with three rooms
"Tariff "Pension" (FB) 3400 3700 3800 4100
Tariff "Curative" (AI) 3675 4250 4100 4800

Children under 3 are free of charge (without extra bed and issues as to accommodation).
Children of 3-5 – payment are 200-250 UAH per night (without extra bed, with three meals).
Children of 3-12 – payment are 450-550 UAH per night (with extra bed, with three meals).
Children after 12 - payment are 700-800 UAH per night (including three meals).
Tariff "Pension" includes 3 meals at the restaurant, training in the gym, swimming pool, primary and final counseling therapist, medical procedures (oxygen cocktails and herbal inhalations a day), 2 hours sauna after 7 days residence.
Tariff "All Inclusive" includes 3 meals at the restaurant, five medical procedures a day (by a doctor), training in the gym, swimming pool, maintenance therapist, 2 hours sauna after a 7 day stay.


The cost of three meals a day is included at the hotel service. This complex has a café, a bar and a restaurant as well. It is possible to order meals for children and a special diet.

Service includes

  • billiards and table tennis;
  • car parking;
  • library;
  • gym;
  • primary medical consultation;
  • 5 oxygen foams and 5 herbal inhalations;
  • taxi;
  • satellite TV;
  • Internet (WI-FI);
  • playground;
  • Russian bath (2 hours a week for a room).


  • entertainment complex “Jumbo”;
  • restaurant;
  • café, bar;
  • Russian bath, Finnish sauna;
  • swimming pool;
  • rental;
  • library;
  • billiards;
  • table tennis;
  • gym.
Restaurant “Jumbo” of the hotel complex “D’Anna” in Skhidnytsa offers special dishes for the guests as well as delicious dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines.

Service for extra charge

  • laundry;
  • transfer;
  • excursions;
  • bicycles’ rental;
  • ski equipment rental;
  • use of chargrill;
  • Finnish sauna for 4 people with hot whirlpool;
  • Russian bath for 4 people with a cold pool.

Special offers

    For children under 5 accommodation is free of charge.


Check- in at the hotel is from 14:00.
Check out of the hotel is up to 12:00.


S. Bandery str. 12, Skhidnytsa, Lviv oblast, medical and health-improving complex “D’Anna”
  • +38 (03248) 4-80-38
  • +38 (067) 567-68-22
  • http://www.dianna.com.ua


49.23249 N 23.34006 E

Medical and health-improving complex “D’Anna” of Skhidnytsa resort welcomes you!

2013 - 2017. Skhidnytsa, hotel “D’Anna”