Yasinya - "Hutsul capital" of Ukraine

Yassin is a village with a unique Hutsul culture. Thanks to the geographical position between the most famous ski resort in Ukraine Bukovel and Dragobrat winter Yassin is a tourist mecca...
Yasinya urban-type settlement, Rakhiv Raion, Zakarpattia oblast
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Yasinya — rest in Carpathians

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Hutsul capital Yassin


40 km from the geographical center of Europe, where the towering highest mountain of Ukraine - Hoverla, Petros and Bliznitsa in the valley between the ridges Svidovetsky and Montenegro, which merged mountain rivers Tisza and Lazeshchyna Black – lies the village of Yassin.
Yassin is very convenient for tourists geographical location: the way to the most popular ski resorts in Ukraine - Bukovel and Dragobrat - runs through the village, and you can rent a home significantly cheaper.
Two trails with little height difference and rope tow is in the village, on the hill in the center Kostyrivka Yassin and Mlaky tract.
It starts many popular hiking trails, including Hoverla and Petros.


Now there lived a little more than 9,000 people, but the village has a glorious history. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1555 But it owes its name to shepherd Struk, who pass are sheep, but could not overtake the sheep home, because suddenly fell deep snow. Then the shepherd of ash built folds for sheep and left their winter. And when he returned, all the sheep were intact. In gratitude to God Struk built small trees ’ Ian Church, which since then and called Strukivska. Since then, the village became a symbol of the gums. He gave the name of the village, he is depicted and the old seal, emblem and Yassin. A wooden church of the Ascension, or Strukivska (1824) is the city ’ yatkoyu architecture. This is one of the most famous wooden churches Ukraine, which in 2013 included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
8 November 1918, the (Holy Day. Dmitry) meeting residents Yassin and neighboring villages decided on joining Ukraine and Ukrainian people's elected council. The Government has sent a gendarme battalion, which established the occupation regime. In early January Yasinyachany revolted, declared Hutsul Republic, considered it part ZUNR and organized part of the CAA campaign to Sighetu Marmatiei, during which released with. Kvasy city. Rachel, Great Bychkov village and town Sighetu Marmatiei. In Syhoti battles took place, in which troops Hutsul Republican Army were defeated.
Hutsul Republic lasted until June 1919, when the Romanian troops occupied Yassin. Subsequently, to address the Saint-Germain Peace Conference Yassin, like all Transcarpathia was annexed to Czechoslovakia.
In 1938 Yasinyachany supported proclaimed Carpathian Ukraine, took an active part in the war against Hortyskoyi Hungary, but in 1939 when Justo Carpathian Ukraine troops were defeated. During the 1944-1953 biennium. Many villagers joined the ranks of the UPA and led the liberation struggle for the independence of Ukraine.


The economy of the village are sheep, cattle, beekeeping, hunting, and derevozahotivlya Woodworking, crafts. Yassin developed in woodcarving, leather, wool, and tkatstvo original Hutsul embroidery.

Yasinya - tourism center

The convenient geographical location of Yasinya actively developing tourism and recreation. You can rest in any season. The largest influx of tourists in winter, because located near the most famous ski resorts in Ukraine Dragobrat and Bukovel, but the cost of rental housing are much higher than Yassin. 50 km is the city Yaremche – tourist mecca Carpathians. And in the village and its surroundings is something to see. Traditional Carpathian walks in the mountains make it possible to lose weight acquired in clock sitting at the computer ’ s memory breathe healthy air, admire the unique mountain scenery, and even mushrooms and berries to collect.
In recent years highlight Yassin was swimming in Hutsul vat.

Excursion objects in Yasinya

Pam ’ yatkamy architecture are:
  • Church of the Ascension (Strukivska, 1824);
  • Nativity of the Virgin (beg. 20th c.);
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul (1814);
  • Intercession Church (1903);
  • Jewish cemetery (19th c.);
  • Arpad defensive line items.
The village is historical museum and in Vilshyna Stebliy tourists waiting in a traditional Hutsul Manor –. For the village, near the road Yaremche - Rakhiv, is the highest waterfall in Transcarpathia Trufanets height of 36 m, which is part of the CBR.


  • Bukovel - 18 km;
  • Dragobrat -12 km;
  • Kvasy – 10 km;
  • Lazeshchyna – 6 km;
  • Rakhiv – 32 km;
  • Yaremche – 50 km;
  • Ivano-Frankovsk – 110 km;
  • Uzhgorod – 274 km

Getting there

Trains to the city from the Ivano-Frankivsk. From Lviv train Lviv — Rakhiv. With "diesel" train Ivano-Frankivsk - Rakhiv. From Kyiv: by train Kyiv - Rakhiv.
By bus Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche with a transfer bus to Yassin.
Car from Kyiv, Zhytomyr - Dubno - Kremenets - Ternopil - Buchach - Ivano-Frankivsk - Nadvirna - Yaremche - Yablunitsa - Yasinya.
car from the city: Bibyrka - Rohatyn - Amber - Galich - Ivano-Frankivsk - Nadvirna - Yaremche - Yablunitsa - Yasinya.
When booking you can arrange a meeting with the owners.

Transfer Yasinya - Dragobrat

  • Transfer to Dragobrat from "KARPATY EXPRESS" - +38-097-087-04-73, +38-093-245-76-96;


Yasinya, Rakhiv Rajon, Zakarpattia Oblast


We are invited You to relax in Yasinya!


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