Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Poliana – rest and treatment in the Carpathians

Mineral water of Poliana resort is referred to "Borjomi" type; it is well known for its healing properties. Health resorts in Poliana are specialized in treating patients with chronic diseases of the digestive system

Poliana village, Zakarpattia oblast

Poliana resort – healing waters of the Carpathians

Poliana - general information and climatic conditions

Poliana is a small resort town that lies in the picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and forests. Not far from this town there is an international road Kyiv – Lviv – Chop and there are corresponding signs to Svaliava and Poliana as well. Admiring the beautiful scenery you do not miss it and turn in the right direction. Poliana is situated 10 km from Svaliava and it is at an altitude of 320 meters above the sea level.
First of all Poliana is famous for its mineral alkaline carbonate waters type «Borjomi». «Poliana Kvasova», «Poliana Kupel» and «Luzhanska» which are well known in Ukraine and abroad, they are considered unique with healing properties and they are used in treating for many diseases. These waters are the main features of Poliana resort. And the nature around with its diversity and richness enhances the effect of drinking mineral waters. The mountains around the resort Poliana are less than thousand meters, so mountains are relatively affordable for a person with an average level of physical fitness. Rest in Poliana will be incomplete if you do not climb the mountain Kychera where amazing sceneries of Borzhava valleys in the east and Runa in the west, Volcanic Ridges, Uklyn and Oleniv Passes take people's breath away. Picture with the Carpathians Mountains background is wonderful evidence that your rest in the Carpathians has not been in vain.
A beautiful recreational park which is on the Lysa Mountain is considered one of the features of Poliana resort. It covers an area of 157 hectares and stretches from north-eastern part of Poliana to another resort which is called "Soniachne Zakarpattia".
Poliana resort gives an opportunity to stay and rest in any season. This place attracts people the whole year. Poliana is very popular in winter. Skiing and sledding, breathtaking views of the surrounded mountains covered with snow, the opportunity to relax and to treat at the same time – this is only you can combine in Poliana resort. There are several rope tows for skiing in Poliana. Skiing tracks are simple, mostly intended for beginners, but it is possible to visit tracks in Zhdeniyevo (30 km) and Podobovets (65 km), Syniak (30 km), Volovets, Mizhhiria. Tracks of these ski resorts are mostly intended for advanced skiers.
Poliana resort, Zakarpattia oblast, has a post office, cafe, bars, restaurant, pharmacies, shops, newsstands and a small market.
Poliana - history and development of the resort
Poliana has a long history. The first written mention of Poliana resort as a small settlement dates to the ХІІ century. Then it was the invasion of the Mongol-Tatars and the village was burned. It was restored only in 1548. In 1728 Austrian Emperor gave a considerable part of Zakarpattia, including Poliana village, to the count Shenborn.
For the first time mineral water in Poliana was bottled back in the ХІХ century. Mineral water was called «Poliana Kvasova» and «Luzhanska» and it was used as usual water. After that it was used for treating some stomach diseases. Springs of mineral water belonged to the count Shenborn.
From 1842 to 1911 "Poliana Kvasova" was honored 21 times at the international competitions as one of the best mineral waters in Central Europe. In 1868 on the bank of the river Mala Pynia was constructed "Poliana bath" with 40 rooms and 20 showers. In the 30-ies of the last century Poliana was one of the famous resorts in Europe and operates the whole year. In 1946 resort «Poliana» began to operate and was intended for 500 people. Today this resort has three buildings, balneary, diagnostic complex, dinning room, concert hall...
Poliana - mineral waters and treatment in Poliana
Famous mineral waters «Poliana Kvasova», «Poliana Kupel» is the basis for the treatment at Poliana resort. Mineral water is clear, salty and sour, without smell, it has large amount of carbon dioxide. Water «Poliana Kvasova» refers to medicoprophylactic type of water with a high salt content. Drinking just one glass of water can help to get out of heartburn. «Poliana Kvasova» helps people who suffer from stomach ulcers. In the Soviet period it belonged to the mineral water type "Borjomi". But waters of Poliana resort have much higher concentration of minerals, more carbon dioxide, there are impurities of fluorine and boron; this is increased therapeutic properties of water.
Indications for treatment at Poliana resort
  • Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency in the phase of remission, chronic colitis, enteritis, enterocolitis in the phase of remission or reducing exacerbation.
  • Illnes of operated stomach: after surgery due to gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the presence of dumping syndrome, hypoclycemic syndrome.
  • Reflux - esophagitis, gastritis and gastroduodenitis, stomach ulcer and duodenum in the absence of stenosis and suspected (tumor).
  • Other diseases of intestine and stomach: perigastritis, periduodenitis, perihepatitis, pericholecystitis.
  • Disesases of the liver - (hepatosis, persistent and cholestatic hepatitis), diseases of biliary tract diseases (dyskinesia by hypo-hypertensive type, micro cholelithiasis), conditions after cholecystotomy without violating the patency of biliary tract, duodeno-gastral reflux, conditions after acute viral hepatitis in inactive phase (through 1-3 months after the disappearence of yellow)
  • Pancreatic diabetes of mild and medium in the phase of compensation to acidosis.
  • Dysfunction of intestine, hypercholesterolemia, hypertiglitsedemia.
  • Chronic pancreatine - latent or recurrent.
  • Urinary diseases, dissolving of stones, conditions after surgery on the urinary tract without infringements, especially against the acid рН of urine, cystitis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis,urolithiasis (oxaluria, uraturia).
  • Immunodeficiency (including those caused by radiation sickness).
  • Gynecology - (inflammatory gynecological diseases). Method of irrigation.
  • Cardiology (vegetative-сvascular dystonia, coronary heart disease, hypertension).
  • Disintoxication (purification from various chemicals and radioactive slag).
Poliana - accommodation and resorts of Poliana
Poliana is first of all a spa resort. There are two famous resorts of this place: "Soniachne Zakarpattia" and  "Poliana". They are considered as basis resorts specializing in treating patients with chronic diseases of the digestive system. Resorts of Poliana treating patients without drugs the following diseases as stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, erosive gastritis (duodenitis) in the presence of ulcers, erosions, if no distinct pain and complications requiring surgery. The official list of diseases indicates that patients are taken without acute phase. Doctors of these resorts have an experience of treating children as well as adults, including those who live in areas of contaminated after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
You can find accommodation in numerous hotels, resorts and private houses in Poliana of different taste and budget.
Website of Poliana offers routes and instructions how to get to this place by train or by bus. Poliana is 10 km from Svaliava; it is easy to get by train to Svaliava, then to take a regular bus to the place of destination. The bus station is near the railway station in Svaliava. Representatives of Poliana resorts very often meet guests near railway station. Regular buses make routes to the following resorts "Crystal spring", "Flower of meadow", "Poliana", "Soniachne Zakarpattia".
To get to Svaliava is also possible by buses from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, through Stryi towards Uzhgorod or vice-versa towards Lviv. 
Trains and buses schedule you can see on the tab «Schedule», as well as on the website of Ukrzaliznytsia: http://uz.gov.ua.
Directory inquiries in Poliana
Telephone code – 03133
Directory inquiries - 031 9909111 (Svaliava)
Postal code – 89313(14,15,16)
Railway station - (03133) 21030
Bus station – (03133) 21321
Nearest sightseeing
  • Michael wooden church (1588) in Svaliava;
  • Wooden church in Uklyn village;
  • Local history museum in Svaliava, Svaliava, 4 Shevchenko Str.;
  • History museum, Svaliava, 18 Golovna Str.;
  • Church (1868), Solochyn village;
  • Top  of Kychera Mountain – view of plains and mountain ranges;
  • Recreational Park on Lysa Mountain.
Nearest lifts and ski resorts
  • Poliana, Solochyn - several rope tows. There are equipment rentals. Length of the tracks is from 300 to 700 meters. Level difference is 40-70 meters;
  • Zhdeniyevo (30 km);
  • Podobovets (65 km);
  • Syniak (30 km).
Nearest rope tows
Syniak (30 km)
Excursions in Poliana
  • Wine cellars (wine sampling);
  • Thermal springs;
  • Poliana - Solotvyno;
  • Geographical center of Europe;
  • Castles and palaces of Zakarpattia XIV-XIX century;
  • Wooden churches of Zakarpattia;
  • Poliana - mineral springs of Zakarpattia;
  • Monasteries of Zakarpattia;
  • Poliana - Mukachevo, Palanok castle;
  • Poliana - Synevir Lake;
  • Poliana - Uzhgorod.
Coordinates and address
Poliana village
Svaliava region
Zakarpattia oblast

48°37′31″ N 22°58′11″ E

  • Poliana - Svaliava — 10 km;
  • Poliana - Mukachevo — 36 km;
  • Poliana - Uzhgorod — 75 km;
  • Poliana - Lviv — 198 km;
  • Poliana - Kyiv — about 750 km.
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