Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Podobovets, Pylypets — ski resorts of Mizhhiria

Podobovets is one of the most well-known ski resorts during the Soviet period. It is characterized by long tracks; some of them are for speed descent. There is also a possibility of skiing in neighboring Pylypets

Zakarpattia oblast
Mizhhiria region
Podobovets village
To travel by train – to Volovets station, then 10 -12 km by regular bus to Podobovets or to Pylypets
By car you have to take the highway Kyiv-Chop, in Nyzhni Vorota to turn to Mizhhiria, in 10 km will be Podobovets


Volovets, Podobovets, Pylypets – poetic trio among the mountains

Rest in the Carpathians, Borzhava, Shypit – sled in winter, punks - in summer

Many people have heard about Borzhava plains in Ukraine. It sounds good; there are the same good names of the settlements around: Podobovets, Pylypets, Volovets, Nyzhni Vorota, Guklyvy, Studene…
Podobovets is located at an altitude of 950 meters above the sea level has long been considered one of the best ski resorts in Ukraine. Tracks for speed descent were made at one time.
Picturesque mountains views, cheap accommodation and good tracks always attract skiers and snowboarders. Tracks are long, suitable for different categories of skiers, there are gentle, but there are steep up to 45 °.
The main feature of Podobovets resort is the possibility to move to the tracks of Pylypets resort, using so called «pipes» for skiers in the wood.
You can walk to the top of Velyky Verkh (1598m) to get much more impressions of skiing and snowboarding. From the top of Velyky Verkh is clearly visible the entire range of Borzhava Plain. They say those who went there and came back in fog or snow was very excited :)
The main ski tracks of Podobovets resort
  • several tracks of different level of complexity and length; Tracs of Podobovets
  • possibility to move to the tracks of Pylypets resort;
  • length of tracks is up to 2500 m;
  • level difference is up to 320 m;
  • training track with length of 400 m;
  • mogul;
  • freeride - an opportunity of skiing beyond the tracks;
Lifts of Podobovets resort
  • rope tow - length of 1230 m;
  • rope tow - length of 1250 m;
  • rope tow - length of 700 m. towards Volovets;
  • lift for children – length of about  400 m;
  • rope tow – 400 m of the cottage  "At the Crests'";
Maintenance of tracks of Podobovets resort
  • snow groomers;
  • night skiing - "At the Crests'" there is lighting;
At the guests' service
  • parking;
  • equipment rental;Slopes of Podobovets
  • instructor's services;
  • ski and snowboarding school;
  • first-aid post;
Accommodation in Podobovets
Recently numerous resorts, hotels and private houses have been built in Podobovets. The cost of accommodation at Podobovets resort as of 2020 is from 200 UAH per person per room with all conveniences. In summer the cost of accommodation is from 80 UAH per person.
Nearest settlements to Podobovets
  • Volovets – 11 km;
  • Pylypets – 4 km;
The cost of lifts and equipment rental at Podobovets resort, ordinary days
  • rope tow – from 33 UAH;
  • ski pass unlimited - 380 UAH;
  • skis – from 120 UAH per day;
  • snowboard – from 120 UAH per day
Services at Podobovets resort
  • Russian bath, sauna, billiards;
  • discos, cafe, restaurant;
  • motorized hang glider flying;
  • snowmobiles;
  • excursions;
  • horses ridding and sleds ridding pulled by horses;
  • sleds;
How to get to Podobovets
To travel by train – to Volovets station, then 10 -12 km by regular bus to Podobovets village.
To travel by car you have to take the highway Kyiv-Chop, in Nyzhni Vorota village you have to turn towards Mizhhiria and then you will see Podobovets village.
Coordinates: 48°40′31″N, 23°17′49″ 'E
Distances to Podobovets
  • Lviv – 196 km;
  • Uzhgorod – 106 km;
Nearest sightseeing to Podobovets
  • Shypit waterfall - 2,5 km;
  • Synevir Lake - 30 km;
  • Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Beregovo;
  • Podobovets - Michael wooden church, end of the XVII century;
  • Kelychyn village, spring of carbonated mineral water – 7 km, it is near to the road towards Mizhhiria from Volovets;
Nearest ski resorts
  • Pylypets – 5 km;
  • Volovets – 11 km;
  • Izky – 6 km;
  • Verkhne Studene – 17 km;
  • Mizhhiria – 27 km;
  • Zhdeniyevo – 34 km;
  • Slavsake - 34,5 km, 106 km;
Important information about Podobovets resort
  • lifts' working hours: 9.00 - to the end of daylight, «At the Crests'» - day and night;
  • ski season: December - March;
  • rescue service in Mizhhiria - (03146) 22345, (03146) 27710;
  • coverage: Kyivstar, MTS;
  • cash dispenser or ATM, bank branches – Volovets, Mizhhiria;
Hotels and private houses of Podobovets resort

Summer rest in Podobovets attracts by its amazing sceneries, inaccessible mountain valleys, and beautiful waterfalls and tourists routes. This one of the few places which unspoiled by civilization.

In summer festival of informal social groups (hippies, punks, nudists, anarchists...) gather together near the waterfall Shypit and Borzhava valley. The peak of the festival is in Midsummer Day on the bank of the river Shypit in Pylypets village.
Winter rest in Podobovets and Pylypets is cheap. On weekends and holidays as well as at the most resorts can be queues to the lifts, but comfortable accommodation and hospitality of locals make up all sorts trouble.
* Photos: Uliana Fatich, Tatiana Panfilova-Fatich, Andrii Brynchak, Mariana Melnykovych
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