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Drahobrat, hotel "Krokus"

067 903-82-66,  067 931-88-06,  03132 4-21-85

Settlement Drahobrat, township Yasinia
Rakhiv region, Zakarpattia oblast


Family rest in Drahobrat. Rooms are with all facilities. It is close to lifts. Equipment rental, instructor's service.
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Drahobrat - holidays in Carpathians

Hotel «Krokus»


Hotel «Krokus» is located in the ski resort Drahobrat, it is about in 150-250 meters there are lifts «Vershyna Karpat», «Karpatska Chaika», «Drahobrat». There are tracks of different level of complexity. 


Hotel «Krokus» is a wooden five-storey building built of environmentally friendly materials. Nearby there is brightly decorated and cozy wooden restaurant intended for twenty places. The hotel has 25 rooms. On the ground floor there is a hall with tennis table, a bar with a fireplace and TV, a spacious dining room. There is a shop on the territory where you can buy essentials commodities. You can come to the hotel with your pets. The territory has summerhouses and a grill as well. There is parking. For guests' convenient there is equipment rental at the hotel and drying room for skis as well. It is organized walking tours to the mountains, transfers to the lifts, snowmobiling and all terrain vehicles.


«Krokus» hotel offers 1-2-3-bed rooms of «suite» and «standard» classes. All rooms have new wooden furniture; many of the rooms have carpets on the floor. There are attic rooms. Some of the rooms have balcony. Service of the rooms is done once every three days. Two-room double of «suite» class there are 4 rooms;
One-room double of «standard» class there are 10 rooms;
One-room triple of «standard» class there are 5 rooms;
One-room single of «standard» class there is 1 room.


It is served two meals a day: breakfast and dinner, it is included. There are dishes of homemade cuisine; it is also possible dietery and children meals. Meals are also served in the wooden restaurant.

Prices per accommodation

Price per accommodation in «Krokus» hotel is per 1 room per night with meal.

Prices as of 2017:
«Suite » 400 UAH 700 UAH 400 UAH
«Standard 3-bed» 400 UAH 700 UAH 400 UAH
«Standard 2-bed» 400 UAH 700 UAH 400 UAH
«Standard 1-bed» 350 UAH 650 UAH 350 UAH

Children under three are free of charge without extra bed.
Children from 4 to 14 can stay with 50 % discount of the total cost.

Service includes

  • parking;
  • satellite TV;
  • Wi-Fi in the hall and bar;
  • meal;
  • grill;
  • summer house;
  • information service;
  • room for storage and drying equipment;
  • taxi call.

Service for extra charge

  • wooden restaurant;
  • table tennis;
  • laundering and ironing;
  • equipment rental;
  • transport services;
  • ATVs' rental;
  • instructor's services.

How to get this place

To Drahobrat you can get by train Lviv-Rakhiv to Yasinia settlement or by regular bus and then to Drahobrat.
If you drive by car, moreover by SUV, you can get easily to Drahobrat, but if you have usual car you will leave it at parking in Yasinia.


  • (+38) 067 903-82-66;
  • (+38) 067 931-88-06;
  • (+38) 03132 4-21-85;
  • (+38) 067 673-52-97;
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Rakhiv region, Yasinia settlement, Drahobrat resort;
  • Hotel «Krokus».
We invite you to stay at «Krokus» hotel


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