Volosianka, "Zahar Berkut" complex

Ski resort Volosianka is located near the famous tourist center Slavske. Two-seated lift and ropeways are leading to the mountain Vysoky Verkh. “Zahar Berkut” complex in Volosianka village works the whole year round
Volosianka village, Lviv oblast, Skole region Ski complex "Zahar Berkut"
Directions to c. Volosyanka through Slavske for signs to complex Zakhar

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Volosianka – winter rest in the Carpathians

Volosianka – ski resort next to Slavske

Volosianka, slopes A small village Volosianka is located in Skole region, Lviv oblast; it is 8 km from the famous ski resort center Slavske. This village is mentioned in documents from the year 1572.
In our time Volosainka village became known as a ski resort, there a tourist complex “Zahar Berkut” was built; small mini-hotels are under active construction. There is a convenient access to the resort, and the resort itself has two-seated lift as well. Carpathians are interesting in any season of year that is why most of private houses and the tourist complex “Zahar Berkut” is welcomed guests the whole year round. Volosianka is a popular place to spend holidays and weekends.
Features of the resort:
  • Availability of two-seated lift;
  • Ropeway with length of 2800 m;
  • There is a possibility to rest in summer; it is offered walking routes or horses ride for guests on the mountain Vysoky Verkh, there is also a bicycle, four-wheeler motorcycle rental;
  • Availability of ski tracks of different level of complexity;
  • Convenient access for automobiles;
  • Beautiful sceneries near this village and from the top of the mountain;
  • Spring of mineral water which is known under the name “Pysana krynytsa”.
There is a restaurant with an observation deck at the top of the mountain Vysoky Vekh, and locals are treated guests to the variety of national dishes.
Working hours of the ropeway of “Zahar Berkut” complex in Volosianka village
  • Weekends – from 9.00 to 17.00;
  • Weekdays – from 13.00 to 17.00;
  • The last lift at 16.00.
Features of ski tracks of “Zahar Berkut” complex in Volosianka village
  • 11 tracks of different level of complexity and length;
  • Total length of tracks are up to 9000 m;
  • Level differences are up to 552 m;
  • Tracks - 5 blue, 5 red and 1 black.
Ropeways of “Zahar Berkut” complex in Volosianka village
  • 1 chair lift in Volosianka with length of 2800 m;
  • 3 rope tows with length of 700 m, 750 m, 800 m;
  • Multi-lift with length of 250 m for beginners.
For tourists:
  • Car parking;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Ski’s repair shop;
  • WI-FI;
  • Skiing school and instructor’s services;
  • Restaurant with an observation deck at the top of the mountain;
  • Summer entertainment.
Accommodation in Volosianka
Accommodation in Volosianka you can book in “Zahar Berkut” complex, in hotels and private houses. Prices in “Zahar Berkut” complex in Volosianka village in season 2012 Cost of the day season ticket on weekends is 180 UAH; on weekdays is 130 UAH, excursion (single) lift is 50 UAH.
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How to get to this place
Travel by train:
You should get to the station Skole or Volovets, then to take a regular bus or a taxi.
Travel by train or by car:
You should get to Lviv, then to take a regular bus towards Volosianka.
Travel by car:
You should get to Slavske, and then to Volosianka (a sign towards Volosianka village in Slavske during the writing of this article was absent, that is the reason to ask direction in locals)
Coordinates: 48.780726569520844, 23.427271842956543, 48°46'51" 23°25'38"
Distances to Volosianka village, Lviv oblast
  • Lviv - Volosianka 145 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk - Volosianka 170 km;
  • Uzhorod - Volosianka 130 km.
Directory inquiries and important information about Volosianka village, Lviv oblast
  • Lifts’ hours of service: 9.00-17.00; on weekdays (not season) 14.00-17.00;
  • Rescue Service in Slavske: tel. (03251) 42102;
  • Connection: Kyivstar, MTS, Life;
  • Cash dispensers (or ATM’s), bank branch – there is no information;
Hotels, private houses and rooms of Volosianka resort

There are many tourists on weekends and New Year’s holidays so as well as on many other resorts might be problems with meals, car parking and equipment rental

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