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Zakarpattia – Mukachevo - Palanok Castle

Excursions in Mukachevo impossible without visiting one of the most beautiful castles of Zakarpattia. Castle in Mukachevo almost completely remained and it is a landmark of defense

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Castles and fortresses of Ukraine. Excursions to Mukachevo

Prince Koriatovych, Mukachevo castle and the well of wishes

Unusual landscapes near to Mukachevo attract attention of tourists. On the plains rise up isolated mountains of volcanic origin. On the top of one of them there is Palanok Castle, the medievial building that is completely preserved to the present days.
Palanok Castle is preserved due to significant funding for the repair and restoration from the Hungarian side. The castle is at an altitude of 188 meters above the sea level; it is 68 meters above the town itself and it covers the area almost of 14 thousand sq. m. and has about 130 different rooms. The name of Mukachevo Castle was given from the word «palanka» – (wooden fence the castle was surrounded).
Palanok Castle in Mukachevo is a valuable monument of history and military architecture. For the centuries it served to protect commercial and military-strategic ways. It belonged to many rulers throughout its history.
Castle withstood many siege. The longest of them was from 1685 to 1688 organized by the Austrian imperial army: the fortress was courageously defeneded by the Princess Schlona Zrini. From 1703 to 1711 Palanok Castle in Mukachevo was a stronghold of national liberation war of the Hungarian people under the leadership of Transylvanian Prince Francis Rakoczi ІІ and in which rebels Rusyny-Kurutsy took an active part.
Mukachevo Castle consists of three defensive structures separated by moats and surrounded by mighty walls and bastions. The general area of Palanok Castle in Mukachevo is 14 thousands sq.m.
The oldest is the High Castle of XІV century (reconstructed in XVIIІ century) which is located on the top of the mountain. From this place you can see magnificent views of Mukachevo and the surrounding area.
  At 6 m below on the terrace there is Middle Castle of XVII century. At 10 m below there is Low Castle construction of which was completed in 1670.
In the renovated halls of the High Castle is available now to see an exhibition of Mukachevo Historical Museum. The history of the castle and Zakarpattia show the exposure of ethnography, nature and antiquities. 12 halls display paintings, including ancient icons.
Palanok Castle in Mukachevo has a restored well. There is a legend according to which if you throw a coin into the well and make a wish it will come true. And wish can be fulfilled if to touch your finger to the sculpture by Prince Koriatovych, one of the former owners of Palanok Castle.
Make a wish, throw a coin and touch the finger and who knows you may be lucky?

Interesting sightseeing of the castle

  • Palanok Castle, Mukachevo Historical Museum;
  • Palanok Castle, Art Gallery;
  • Palanok Castle, exhibition "Wooden churches of Zakarpattia";

Excursions to Palanok castle in Mukachevo

Excursions to Palanok Castle in Mukachevo are made from the following towns: Skhidnytsa, Truskavets, Morshyn, Bukovel, Slavske, Lviv and others.

Tour operators

  • the Carpathians Pearl — Skhidnytsa;
  • Europe Tour - Skhidnytsa;


Zakarpattia oblast
Mukachevo region
5 Kurutsev side street ,  9:00-18:00, day off in the museum  - Monday

48°25'50"N, 22°41'15"E

Website of Palanok castle: http://www.palanok.mukachevo.net
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Palanok Castle in Mukachevo
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