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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Morshyn resort

Morshyn is a popular spa resort. Mineral waters of Morshyn are similar to waters of Karlovy Vary. Treatment of the sanatoriums and Carpathians among the beautiful nature anf oak forests.

82482, Morshyn, Lviv oblast, Stryi region

Morshyn resort is “Galician Karlsbad”

Morshyn. General information and climatic conditions
Morshyn is one of the famous and popular resorts of Ukraine. It is characterized by a mild climate and beautiful landscape. Morshyn is located at 82 km from Lviv, on the slope of the Carpathians mountain range at an altitude 340 m above the sea level. Санатории моршина цены Morshyn differs from other resorts: resort’s area is separated from residential part of the city and located in the park. Morshyn is surrounded by oak forests and amazing landscapes around the city and call up feeling of pleasure and calmness. Regular life of Morshyn provides successful treatment and relaxation. Summer in Morshyn is not very hot, scattered showers cause higher humidity. Warm weather is kept long in autumn. The biggest precipitations there are in late spring and in summer. The average temperature in summer is +18 ºС, in winter – -4 ºС.
Morshyn. History and development of the resort
History of the Morshyn resort like most other settlements of this area is associated with the production of salt, rather profitable business at that time. The first written mention of Morshyn dated January, 2 the year 1482. In that period a small village was a part of Kingdom of Poland. However, Morshyn didn’t become one more center of salt production, as local salt was bitter and was not suitable for consumption.
Life in Morshyn became more brisk after the railroad construction from Stryi to Stanyslav in 1875. Picturesque countryside attracted attention and eventually climate and balneotherapy resorts like in Europe began to build. Balneotherpy was in fashion those days and had a lot of supporters.
Mineral water in Morshyn was studied detailed, new springs were discovered and named after the resorts’ owners and their descendants like, for example, “Bonifacius”, “Magdalena”, “Adam” and “Ludmyla”. Then a spring with fresh and tasty water “Matka Bozhka” (from Polish means “Mother of God”) was discovered and deposits of peat mud were found in the suburb of Morshyn.
Since 1880 Morshyn has become the balneological resort. From all over the Europe people went to Morshyn for treatment, and some of European cities had direct railway connections. Mineral water and peat mud began to use while taking bath and making different application for body. Some time later mineral water of Morshyn was recommended for internal use. Morshyn resort became popular among noble people, it was compared with popular European resorts, and it was called “Galician Karlsbad”. It was believed that water of Morshyn for its medicinal properties similar to water of well-known German, Czech and Hungarian resorts. The resort was developed rapidly.
In Soviet times Morshyn remained as a spa resort, it was expanded, private resorts were combined in a one resort in Morshyn, new buildings and clinics were constructed as well. In 1977 in Morshyn resort treated more than 60 thousand people, it obtained the status of all-Union resort.
Nowadays Morshyn has a status of regional subordination.Its population is about 6 thousand people.Together with citizens and those who are on holiday or treatment the number of residents can reach within a month more over 10 thousand of people.
The major part of working population is involved in resort’s service. There are dozens of resorts in this city. Total capacity of resorts is about 5000 patients per month. More over it is possible to hire accommodation in private sector and to book rooms in hotels. Resort’s treatment vouchers are possible to buy directly in balneary.
Санатории моршина цены Morshyn has rental agencies, hairdressers, repair shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets.
Morshyn water plant has representative offices and branches in 17 cities of Ukraine.
In the local Palace of Culture famous Ukrainian and foreign artists give concerts annually.
МMorshyn. How to get to this resort: buses and trains schedule to Morshyn
You would better take bus or train to get directly to Morshyn. Through the city goes railway line Stryi — Ivano-Frankivsk, Morshyn — Lviv. There is a third class railway station in Morshyn with a café, bar and hotel. There is a bus station not far off.
It is also possible to get to Lviv, then by taking regular bus to Morshyn.

It is suitable to get to Morshyn by car through the Stryi city. A motor road that goes to directly to the resort has a quality road surface and runs among picturesque oak forest.

Buses and trains schedule you can see in the tab “Schedule”as well as is on the website of the State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia): http://uz.gov.ua.
Rest in Morshyn –the nearest interesting places
Nearest ski centers to Morshyn resort
Nearest ropeways
  • Slavske – single chair lift.
  • Volosianka – double chair lift.
  • Plavye – four-seated lift.
  • Pylypets, Borzhava – triple chair lift.
  • Synevir – double chair lift.
Rest in Morshyn – excursions in Morshyn
  • Dovbush rocks.
  • Waterfall “Kamyanka”.
  • Urych, fortress “Tustan”.
  • Sambir – the hall of organ music, architecture, Roman Catholic church and orthodox churches.
  • Lviv golden horseshoe – castles and fortresses.
  • Morshyn - Yaremche, Vorochta, Bukovel.
  • Transcarpathian (Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Berehove).
  • Morshyn - Pochaiv (Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra).
  • Manyava Skete of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, (transliterated often as Maniava or Manjava Skete) (Ukrainian Athos).
  • Morshyn – Lake Synevir.
  • Lviv – excursion around the city and to the opera theatre.
  • Waterfall Shypit, Borzhava mountain valleys etc.
Resorts near Morshyn
Distances to Morshyn resort
  • Lviv: 82 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: 100 km;
  • Drohobych: 45 km;
  • Stryi: 15 km;
  • Truskavets: 50 km.
Information service in Morshyn. Emergency services in Morshyn
  • Telephone code - +38032606;
  • Postal code – 82482—84483;
  • Outpatient clinic – 2360;
  • Railway station information desk - 21-92.

Lviv oblast

Stryi region


49°09′18″ N 23°52′21″ E

*Photos by Mychola Ivashchenko
Morshyn 2023. History and development of Morshyn resort. Treatment in Morshyn. Rest in the Carpathians
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