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Dobromyl - Herburt Castle

The most highland castle is located on the mountain of 600 meters. Herburt Castle is famous due to Polish political and literary figure Yan Shchensky Herburt - defender of the rights of the Ukrainian people

Dobromyl, Staryi Sambir region, Lviv oblast


Dobromyl - Herburt Castle

«When they want that Rus to be not in Rus, – it is an absurd thing,
and it is like if they wanted the sea would be near Sambir»

Yan Shchasny Herburt “Thoughts about people of Rus”

Dobromyl is located at 115 km from Lviv, and 24 km from the other well known settlement Staryi Sambir. The ancient Galician town Dobromyl mentioned for the first time in 1374. At that time the Herburts obtained land along the rivers Vyrva and Strviazh. The Castle in Dobromyl played important role controlling trade routes from Peremyshl to Khyriv and served as a protection for locals. The most highland castle of Lviv oblast is located at an altitude of 560 m above the sea level.
The castle in Dobromyl is located at the top of steep mountain covered with forest at the distance of 4 km from the town. The first wooden castle was constructed by Lviv architect Mychailo Herburt about in 1450. Over time that castle was burned by Mongol-Tatars. Probably in ХVІ century on the place of wooden castle was erected stone one in Dobromyl. But the castle, ruins of which we can see today, was constructed at the beginning of ХVІІ century. It was built by Yan Shchasny Herburt from Felshtyn — Polish political and literary figure. In terms of the castle it had an oval shape repeating the shape of the mountain. The entrance to the main building was defended by massive polygonal three-tiered gate decorated by the Herburts family coat of arms – apple  punctured by daggers with the legend «My defense». The family coat of arms of Herburt now is the coat of arms of the town.
Yan Shchasny Herburt enthusiastically upheld interests of the locals, contributed to the development of crafts in Dobromyl, was political and cultural figure. Having Polish origin hr defended the rights of the Ukrainian people, studied history of Ukrainian lands, wrote poems in Ukrainian and more and more considered himself Ukrainian. It was a founder of the publishing house in Dobromyl.
First of all, castle played defensive functions. There was a well inside of castle and made it possible to keep long siege, the thickness of walls was up to 2 meters. But it was not only powerful fortification but also a wonderful residence. Residential properties were well planned and on the walls were hanging family portraits and allegorical paintings.
During the ХVІІІ century the castle was still with dwellers. But over the time owner of the castle Ann Bialoglovska allowed monks to disassemble the part of the castle for building material. From that point the process of destroying began and lasted during the ХІХ century. The main function of the castle in Dobromyl was defensive and this favoured fast destruction, as the dwelling the castle was used temporarily. The loss in the defense led to the fast abandonment of the castle. Almost the whole north wall is preserved to present days: the complex of gate tower with remains of the dwellings on the upper tiers, defensive walls. The height of the walls and towers has now reached several meters.
Above the Herburt Castle eagles always fly, these birds according to the legend turned all men of the Herburt. This legend is an evidence of special respect of the locals to the Herburts.

Interesting sightseeing in Dobromyl

  • Vasylian Monastery of St.Onuphrius;
  • Sheperd Church;
  • Chapel of St.John;
  • Cemetery Chapel;
  • Chapel of the Queen Kinga;
  • Chapel of the Descent of the Holy Spirit;
  • Chapel of St. Onuphrius;
  • Roman Catholic Church of the Transfiguration of Christ;
  • Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit;

Monuments and sightseeing near Dobromyl

  • Skelivka village - Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin with  defensive tower-bell the end of  ХV — beginning of ХVІ century - 15 km;
  • Salt mine Salina - a place of terrible tragedy of shooting over 3600 people, mostly Ukrainian prisoners, who were tortured by the troops of NKVD;
  • Stara Sil - picturesque village with a large number of monuments of Galicia: churches, Roman Catholic churches, chapels, statues of saints Evangelists, bells etc. - 17 km;
  • Khyriv - Skelivka, Jesuit konkvit and tourist route «Ways of Good soldier Schweik» - 6,5 km;
  • Sambir - typical Austrian and Hungarian village, architecture, religious buildings and the hall of organ music - 35 km;

Important events in Dobromyl

City Day - 24 August.

Dobromyl - how to get to this place

You have to get to the following settlements Sambir, Staryi Sambir; then to take regular buses towards Dobromyl.

Nearest spa resorts

Nearest settlements

  • Lviv – Dobromyl – 115 km;
  • Sambir – Dobromyl – 35 km;
  • Staryi Sambir – 23 km;


Lviv oblast
Staryi Sambir region

49° 34′ 0″ N, 22° 47′ 0″ E

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