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Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Pylypets – rest in Zakarpattia

Ski resort with tracks of different level of complexity with total length of more than 20000 m which are located on the slopes of Gymba and Riapushka mountains. Waterfall Shypit, Borzhava mountain valleys, festival "Shypit"

Pylypets, Mizhhiria region, Zakarpattia, Ukraine

Pylypets – ski resort in Borzhava


Borzhava mountain valleys or just simple Borzhava – is a mountain massive in the Carpathians which is located between rivers Latorytsa and Rika. For many tourists from Ukraine and abroad have become traditional climbing to the mountain peaks and mountain ranges of Borzhava. In this area there are settlements as follows Pylypets, Podobovets, Roztoka, Izky.

Pylypets (Russian version is Pilipets) is an implementation of another project of tourism in the Carpathians. This territory it is expected will be more than 500 hectares. Borzhava ski resort Borzhava ski resort will be located on the territory of resorts Pylypets and Podobovets. It is planned to build about 20 lifts, total length of tracks will reach more than 20 km. Mizhhiria ski resort can be a ‘trademark’ of Ukraine. The Canadian firm of the designing of ski resorts deals with this project. It is stated that a new complex will be the equal to the famous ski resort Bukovel as to the level of service.

But even without such ‘bright future’ Pylypets today is well-known ski resort, which is developing rapidly. It has the longest tracks in Ukraine (length is up to 4000 m) of different level of complexity: steep, gentle, smooth, bumpy. Tracks for mogul skiing and downhill skiing in Pylypets are intended for advanced and professional skiers, but gentle slopes are for ordinary lovers of skiing and for “dummies”. Namely Borzhava held for the first time in Ukraine unofficial championship on free ride and jibbing.

Pylypets resort has fast-speed lifts and equipped tracks; there are no problems with accommodation. New hotels and private houses are under construction around Pylypets village. Pylypets is situated in one of the biggest region of Mizhhiria; it is in the northern part, at an altitude of about 700 m above the sea level. This village is bordered in the north to Roztoka village, in the north-east to Nyzhny Stydeny village, in the east to Izky village, in the west to Podobovets village.

At any time of year you can rest in Pylypets village. Summer rest in Pylypets includes amazing mountain sceneries, numerous historical and nature monuments. Tourists’ routes are made in such way that tourists will be able to see surrounding mountains’ nature, smell of herbs in Borzhava mountain valleys, to see color of life of locals. In winter Pylypets becomes skiing and sledding center, a place where you can spend Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the Carpathians.

Waterfall Shypit is included in many excursions tours. It is the festival with the same name which is regularly taking place; informal youth from Ukraine and abroad is visiting this event.

Villages Podobovets and Izky are situated next to the resort Pylypets. Izky resort has tracks of simple and average level of complexity. Tracks both for advanced and just for lovers of skiing are situated in Podobovets.


In Hungarian written sources Pylypets is mentioned for the first time in 1463 under the name Verpelepets. The oldest settlers of it were fugitives from low-lying villages who escaped from lords and hid in the mountains. It was a period of time when Pylypets considered as a small settlement of the big village Izky.

Health improvement

7 km from Pylypets village is the spring of carbonated mineral water with high iron content. This water is used in treatment of cardiovascular system and digestive diseases, in treatment of different forms of iron deficiency anemia.

Working hours of the ropeway in Pylypets village (Borzhava’s lifts)

Borzhava mountain valleys

Two-seated lift works the whole year round.

Working hours – every day from 9.00 to 17.00.

Prices in Pylypets

Ticket’s cost for chair lift for the whole day – from 500 UAH.

Skis’ rental – from 100 UAH.

Accommodation prices depend on the season. Standard category includes double room with conveniences in the room and TV set.

Features of tracks in Pylypets village

  • A large number of tracks on Gymba Mountain with total length of more than 20 000 m, the longest – 4000 m;
  • Tracks classification - simple, average, difficult;
  • 4 tracks on Zhyd Magura Mountain, the longest - 1500 m with classification simple and average;
  • Lightning of tracks – there is available (near lifts of “Zatyshok” resort).

At the guests’ service

  • Car rental;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Skis’ repair shop;
  • Skiing school and instructor’s services;
  • Snowboard school in Pylypets;
  • Free ride school.

Accommodation in Pylypets

This resort is being actively developed and constructed. Hotels and private sector in Pylypets are offered good and cheap accommodation. Prices in Pylypets village considerably depend on season.

Pylypets, nearest tourists’ sights, interesting places and events

  • Waterfall Shypit; if you rest in Pylypets you will visit this place for sure; Shypit is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Ukraine;
  • Borzhava mountain valleys – magnificent views, blueberries’ fields;
  • Borzhava mountain ranges, peaks of the following mountains: Vysoky Verkh, Stiy, Gymba, Zhyd Magura;
  • Spring of carbonated mineral water in Lelechyn village;
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary constructed in XVIII century and the two-tiered bell tower;
  • Museum of wooden churches – about 30 models of churches and bell towers of Verkhovyna, Khust area and Prykarpattia;
  • Festival “Shypit”.

How to get to this place

  • To travel by train – to station Volovets, then you have to take a regular bus or a taxi;
  • To travel by car – on the highway Kyiv - Lviv – Chop to Nyzhni Vorota, then to turn towards Mizhhiria.

Coordinates: 48.67031827713108, 23.341012001037598


Lviv – 200 km; Ivano-Frankivsk –148 km; Uzhgorod – 110 km

Nearest ski resorts and ropeways

Directory inquiries in Pylypets, Volovets

  • Code distance communication - +380 3146 Volovets.
  • Bus station - Volovets, Shevchenko str. 1а, tel.+38(03136)22202.
  • Bus station – Nyzhni Vorota village, Volovets region, Narodna square,43, tel.+38(03136)41300
  • Railway station directory inquiry, Volovets –Pryvokzalna str.,2, tel.+38(03136)22251

* Photos Pylypets, Borzhava: Anton Prokhorov http://propohody.com/, Igor Mykhalchyshyn, Oleg Totsky http://tov-tob.livejournal.com

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