Pylypets, mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom"

Mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom" offers rest in Pylypets village in three-storey cottages. Two meals a day or the self-cooking. Nearby there is a chair lift, lifts, a forest and a river, waterfall Shypit. Excursions
097 62-63-201,  03146 2-51-57
Pylypets village, 340
Mizhhiria region
Zakarpattia oblast
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Rest in Carpathians - Pylypets

Pylypets, mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom" ("Under the Big Top")


Mini-hotel "Under the Big Top" is located in Pylypets village of Zakarpattia oblast at the foothill of Velykyi Verkh Mountain; it is nearby the road towards Shypit waterfall. There is a river near the house across the road from the waterfall (500 m). There is a convenient access to the house. It is about 200 m to the chair lift; it 100 m to the ski lifts and about 4 km to the village centre. There is a forest nearby. It is only 2,5 km to Podobovets over the mountain where you can find more difficult and steeper ski tracks than in Pylypets.


Mini-hotel «Pid Velykym Verkhom» consists of two three-storey wooden cottages. Large spacious territory has enough places for parking. There is a Russian bath with out-door swimming pool, a summer house, a swing, tubs and 5 grills for comfortable rest of guests. There is Wi-Fi Internet as well. Spring water is supplied in the cottage.


Cottage 1 has 11 rooms. On the ground floor there is a fire place, a dining room, 4 rooms with shared bathroom. On the first floor there are 5 rooms with 2 shared bathrooms. On the second floor there are 2 rooms with all conveniences.
Cottage 2 is a new wooden house for rooms, including 2 two-room of "suite" class. On the ground floor there are  2 rooms, on the first and second floor there are 4 rooms respectively. Rooms include 2 double beds, furniture, TV, conveniences (shower, toilet and wash basin). Rooms of the first and second floor have balconies. Near the cottage there are summer houses, swings and grills.

Two-room room

Room 1:
  • 4 single beds;
  • rack, bedside tables;
  • TV;
Room 2:
  • folding soft couch;
  • wardrobe;
  • TV.

Double rooms

  • double bed or folding sofa;
  • wardrobe;
  • TV.
On the kitchen there is a cooker, sink, kettle, kitchen utensils and a refrigerator.

Price per accommodation 2018

Price per accommodation in mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom" of Pylypets resort are set by agreement.


Mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom" in Pylypets offers to guests two meals a day. You can order individually breakfast and dinner. The menu has in most cases dishes of Ukrainian and Zakarpattia cuisines. It is used homemade products for cooking. There is a possibility of self-cooking in the kitchen as well; the kitchen is equipped with gas cookers and cookers on wood. Refrigerators are in the cottages in the corridor.

Service includes

  • parking;
  • Wi-Fi Internet;
  • grills;
  • satellite TV.

Service for extra charge

  • bath;
  • skis, snowboards and sleds rental;
  • transfer from Volovets;
  • transport services;
  • excursions by owner's car;
  • walking tours with a guide.


The tour to the lake Synevir
1. A visit to the rehabilitation center of wild bears .
2. Two sources of mineral water.
3. Lunch in the restaurant.
4. Kolochava - a museum of old village (optional).

Departure from the hotel, duration - one day.
The program of overall Transcarpathian tour
1. Visit to the sources of thermal waters in Beregovo,Zhaivoronok, Kosyno.
2. Palanok Castle in Mukachevo.
3. Shenborn Castle in sanatorium "Carpathians".

Departure from the hotel, duration - one day.
The tour to Hust
1. Visit to the cheese dairies.
2. Deer Farm.
3. Ostrich Farm.
4. The village Iza, a center of the vine weaving.
5. A geyser near Mezhygiria.
6. Velyatino – thermal waters.

Departure from the hotels, duration - one day.


Pylypets village, 340, Mizhhiria region, Zakarpattia oblast
Mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom"
  • +38 (097) 62-63-201
  • +38 (03146) 251-57

How to get to this place

If you travel by trains you have to take tickets towards Uzhgorod up to Volovets station, then you have to take a bus (except Saturday and Sunday) , taxi or regular bus to Pylypets.
If you travel by car you have to choose the highway Kyiv — Chop, in Nyzhni Vorota village to turn to Volovets and then to Mizhhiria. In Pylypets you have to turn behind the sign "Shypit", cross the bridge and in 150 m you will see the sign "Pid Velykym Verkhom". The private house is on right side of the road.


N: 48.65988, E: 23.27813

Mini-hotel "Pid Velykym Verkhom" invites you to rest in Carpathians!