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Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Soimy resort is Essentuki in the Carpathians

Resort Soimy, mineral water type "Essentuki". Treatment in Soimy at deficiency of calcium and iron in the body, metabolic disorders and mineral metabolism. Rest in Soimy in a picturesque corner of Transcarpathia.

90033, Soimy village, Mizhgirya region, Zakarpattia oblast

Soimy resort is the Carpathians’ Yessentuki

Soimy: general information and climatic conditions

Everyone paid attention to the settlement with unusual name Soimy while visiting Lake Synevir. This picturesque corner of Transcarpathian region hid in the narrow valley on the banks of a rapid river, surrounded with pine forest. Surrounding beauty is amazing and suggests an idea that you should have come back here again. You should have come back to sit on the bank of a river flowing its waves untiringly between high mountains, walk on shaky suspension bridge and climb into the mountains, breath fresh air and look around imperturbably afraid to break the magic beauty of the Carpathians.

The village Soimy is known not only due the Carpathians beauty. Since the ancient times local dwellers have known about the healing properties of nearby springs. The healing water of Soimy’s deposit is rich in many minerals. First of all, it is calcium and iron which are essential to the human body for active development and to prevent diseases of musculoskeletal system. The use of such water has positive effect on the development of a child’s body. It is no wonder that summer camps for children are located near Soimy resort.

Rest and treatment in Soimy in different seasons is interesting in its own way. Excursions, picking berries and mushrooms all are these summer rest in Soimy. In winter Soimy resort can offer guests, except treatment by mineral water, entertainment at the nearest ski resorts Mizhgirya, Pylypets and Podobovets.

Soimy - a brief history of the resort’s development

Scientists believe that the name Soimy stemmed from the word “soimennya” that is confluence of two rivers Rika and Repinka.
Historical studies of this area show that Soimy exited from the year 1410.
Medicinal properties of Soimy’s mineral water have been known since XVIII century.
At the end of XIX century was opened hydropathical establishment.
Since 1900 Soimy has been known as a resort and its period of flourishing was in 1910-1914.
World War I canceled the development plans of the resort and led to the collapse. In 30’s of last century there were attempts to revive the resort, but only in 50’s resort “Verchovyna” was built to provide treatment with mineral water from Soimy deposit.

Soimy – mineral waters and treatment in Soimy

Waters of Soimy deposit as to the composition belong to chloride and bicarbonate type of water. Water of Soimy resort is carbonic acid boric, chloride and bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, middle mineralization. Soimy mineral water contains lots of calcium, zinc, lithium, boric acid, manganese and iron. In its chemical composition this type of water belongs to the type “Yessentuki”..

Indications for the treatment at Soimy resort

This water is helpful for the following diseases: peptic ulcer and bowels with different levels of acid formation; gastritis, reflex esophagitis, gastritis duonenits; diseases of liver and biliary tracts (cholestatic hepatitis, hepatosis, biliary tracts diskensia); conditions after cholecystostomy without violating of biliary tracts.

It is also used in treating the following diseases: duodenogastric reflux; chronic pancreatitis and dysfunction of bowels; diseases of cholecyst and pancreatic gland in the form of cholestasis and pancreatostasis; chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis, pancreatic diabetes, weakened of immune status of the organism; conditions after operations of the urinary tract without violating of their permeability, urinary diathesis, dissolving of stones.

Water of this deposit is used when people have disorders of mineral metabolism, lack of calcium in the body; prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal system, correction of calcium metabolism, in particular osteoporosis in the period of active growth of children and teenagers, long-term use of hormones; anemia of iron deficiency.

Soimy – resorts and accommodation in Soimy

Resorts of Soimy are specialized on the treatment of patients with disorders of gastrointestinal tracts and metabolism.
In Soimy are open resorts “Verchovyna” and “Dzherela Mizhgirya”. The basis of the treatment is the mineral water of a certain temperature depending on the nature of disease. It is also used carbonate mineral baths for the recovery, different inhalations, showers, ozocerite’s applications, electrotherapy, massage, climate treatment in conditions of lowland and etc.

Nearest interesting places

  • Waterfall Shypit, Borzhava mountain valleys;
  • Wooden Greek Catholic church of XVIIІ century in Pylypets village;
  • Perechrestya Pass;
  • 500-year-old oak in Mizhgirya village;
  • Lake Synevir.

Nearest ropeways

Nearest chair lift ropeways

  • Pylypets;
  • Synevir.

Rest in Soimy - excursions

  • Lviv golden horseshoe – castles and fortresses;
  • Transcarpathian – Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Berehove;
  • Lake Synevir;
  • Lviv – excursion around the city and the opera house;
  • Waterfall Shypit, Borzhava mountain valleys etc.

Other resorts next to Soimy

Distances to Soimy resort

  • Lviv: 178 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: 131 km;
  • Uzhorod: 127 km.

Soimy: how to get to this resort and buses schedule

You should take train to Uzhhorod up to the stationVolovets, then to Soimy village taking taxi or regular bus to that place.
Buses and trains schedule you can see in the tab “Schedule”as well as is on the website of the State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia): http://uz.gov.ua.

Information service in Soimy

Telephone code – 03146
Dialing code help – Mizhgirya 031 9909111
Postal code – 90033
Bus station “Mizhgirya” - operator 2 1114


Zakarpattia oblast,
Mizhgirya region,
Soimy village,
48° 34′ 20″ N, 23° 27′ 39″ E
2023. Soimy. The history and development of the resort Soimy. Treatment in Soimy. Rest in Carpathians
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