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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Krasiya - ski resort of Ukraine

One of the largest ski resorts of Zakarpattia. Information about the resort, accommodation and rest in Krasiya, hotels and private sector in Krasiya, tracks and lifts, prices

Zakarpattia oblast, Vyshka village (Krasiya)

Ski resorts of Ukraine – Krasiya

Krasiya – ski resort of Ukraine, it is located 65 km from Uzhgorod near villages Vyshka and Kostryno, Zakarpattia oblast.

Features – there is the longest in Zakarpattia ski track (more than 3 km). The tracks are intended for skiers of different level of training, reasonable prices; there are not crowds of tourists here.

Season in Krasiya begins in December and lasts until April. Krasiya resort was built in the Soviet period and in that time it had only one chair lift in Ukraine. In the 1980’s this resort was under active construction. During its construction it was taken into account that tracks in Krasiya would be convenient, comfortable and universal both for advanced and for beginners.
After the collapse of the Soviet state development of the resort was stopped and its reconstruction has begun recently. There have been made new tracks, installed modern lifts, bought new snow cannons and snow groomers.
Ski resorts of Ukraine gradually increase its service. There are changes in Krasiya resort as well: old tracks are being renewed, new hotels of Krasiya are under construction and other infrastructure projects are being designed.
Main ski tracks of Krasiya resortKrasiya, Vyshka
Krasiya resort has one of the longest ski tracks in Ukraine – about 3500 m. All tracks in Krasiya resort gentle, they are average and simple, it suits both for beginners and for advanced skiers.
  • Width of tracks is from 100 m to 350 m.
  • Length of tracks is from 300 m to 2500 m.
  • Level difference is from 80 to 300 m.
  • Night skiing – there is no available.
  • Snow groomers – there are available.
  • Artificial snow cover – there is available.
  • Track for sled racing (luge).
Ropeways and lifts at Krasiya resort
At the tourists’ service six lifts (three rope tows and three chair lifts).
  • Single chair lift “Lokomotyv” - 1980 m, level difference is 485 m.
  • Two-seated chair lift “Doppelmayr” ski resort “Krasiya” - 1114 m, level difference is 195 m.
  • Four-seated chair lift “Doppelmayr” ski resort “Krasiya” - 1585 m, level difference is 350 m.
  • Rope tow, ski resort “Krasiya” - 470 m, level difference is 95m.
  • Rope tow, tourist complex “New season” - 650 m.
  • Private multi-lift - 300 m.
Lifts’ working hours: 10:00 – 17:00.
At the tourists’ service
  • Rescue service.
  • First-aid post.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Skis’ repair shop.
  • Skiing school.
  • Instructor’s service.
Nearest settlements
  • Zhdeniyevo - 56,6 km.
  • Volovets - 77 km.
Prices in Krasiya as of 2012-2013
  • Lift’s cost– from 200 UAH per day.
  • 100 lifts - 1400-1600 UAH.
  • Single lift – from 25 UAH.
  • Cost of equipment rental – from 100 UAH per 1 day.
Accommodation prices in Krasiya – from 150 UAH per person per night.
Summer rest in Krasiya  
  • Chair lift.
  • Horse ridding and walks in beech forest and oak forest.
  • Waking tours in the forest, gathering of mushrooms and berries.
  • Glider’s flying.
  • Balloon’s flying.
How to get to this place
To travel by train – towards Uzhgorod, then you have to take a regular bus Uzhgorod-Krasiya or a regular bus with other routes Uzhgorod-Velyky Berezny, Uzhgorod – Lyuta to the stop at Vyshka village. 
To travel by car – towards Uzhgorod on the highway Kyiv-Chop, then to Kostryno and Vyshka villages.
Coordinates:  48°56′19″ N. 22°42′33″ E.
  • Uzhgorod – 69 km.
  • Lviv – 196 km.
Nearest tourists’ sights and interesting places 
  • Thermal springs.
  • Castles of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo.
  • Marble caves of Velyky Berezny village – karstic cave Kniagynya (English version is Princess), area 1.5 hectares.
  • Church of St. Archangel Michael, Vyshka village – three-tiered wooden church of the Boykos style, this is a sample of wooden architecture of Zakarpattia.
  • Wine tasting rooms.
  • Church of St. Nicolas, Velyky Berezny – wooden church, one of the best examples of Zakarpattia architecture in baroque which was built at first in the Boykos style of 17 century.
  • Place of meteoritic fall “Kniagynya” (in English is Princess) (1866) – outskirts of Kniagynya and Sil villages. French writer Jules Verne visited that place once. Fragments of meteorite are on display in many museums of Europe.
  • Yavornyk Mountain, Velyky Berezny – a popular tourist route that leads to the beech forest at an altitude of 1000-1500 m above the sea level.
  • Greek Catholic Church, Velyky Berezny village - 1792. It was restored in 1903; money was given by parishioners who went to work in America.
Directory inquiries and important information as to the resort 
  • Code distance communication +380 3135.
  • Rescue service in Krasiya (Vyshka): (03135) 67-14-13, (050) 827-67-99
Hotels and private houses in Krasiya (Vyshka village)
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