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Living water of Kosyno

Kosyno — thermal springs, festival of culinary. The healing quality of thermal waters. Health-recreation complex – recreation area «Shoshto-Thermal». Excursions across Zakarpattia.

Kosyno village, Berehovo region, Zakarpattia oblast

Living water of Kosyno

Excursions across Zakarpattia

Kosyno — thermal springs, festival of culinary

Kosyno village or Koson (Hung. Mezоkaszony) Berehovo region, Zakarpattia geysers of hot mineral water attract every year thousands of tourists to heal not only a body but soul. They come to yellow-brown springs from all over Ukraine from the end of April to November – until the last swimming season. It is not surprising, because hydrogen sulfite thermal water of Zakarpattia has extraordinary properties. It has long been considered the living water, healing by its rich mineral content of biologically active substances as iron, sodium, potassium, iodine, fluorine and others. This combination of compounds can be found only in some parts of the world: in the Kuril Islands, New Zealand, Iceland and Berehovo.
What is it thermal waters? It is originated from the Greek word "heat". Actually thermal waters are considered only those that have temperature 37-42 degrees. If it is higher – these are hyper thermal springs, and if the water temperature reaches only 20-37 degrees it is called warm or sub thermal.
How have springs of thermal water been originated? Legend says that once the ancient Greek goddess Hertsyna walked across ancient homeland of olives and grapes. In the midst of the trip she felt thirsty but unfortunately there is no water nearby. She could not stand any more. Then the goddess stamped her foot and underground stream was free. So according to the legend thermal springs were born. In fact, ground waters obtained heat from rocks that surrounded them deep in the bowels of the earth, often paving its way into the area of volcanoes (in this case water comes to the surface as geysers). As the temperature increases the mineralization increases as well; it is high concentration of sodium, hydrosilicons, flouride, sulfate-ion, chloride-ion and other good bioactive and mineral substances. Thus, temperature is a major factor affecting the chemical composition and properties of the spa water.
There are 3 baths with thermal waters in Zakarpattia. The largest one is near Kosyni village, namely 800 meters away. Here there is the health and recreation complex – recreation area «Shoshto-Thermal». The territory has the warmest and caressing climate of Zakarpattia caused by active underground processes: moving of strata, heating of underground rocks and forming of hot geysers saturated with iron. The healing water rises from one of three currently operating wells entitled 16 Т. Powerful hot stream is coming from the heart of the earth and slightly cool on its way. The depth of the well is nearly of 1200 meters underground. Mineralized water for 24% during extraction has the temperature higher then +55 degrees, when it reaches up to +41°C – it serves to swimming pools equipped by fountains, underwater massage and jacuzzi.
«Shoshto-Thermal» has all European standards: there are two pools in the middle of the beautiful oak grove surrounded by a fence, nearby there are wooden buildings constructed in Austro-Hungarian style with white plaster and carved brown wood (under the influence of neighborhood Hungary), coffee shops, the restaurant and parking nearby.
This extraordinary beauty fills soul with calm and a body with health. Calm of the oak grove, gently climate and fresh air of Zakarpattia attracts every year thousands of people not only from all Ukraine but all over the world. This water cures cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, rheumatism, kidney, skin, arthritis, radiculitis and even obesity. And extremely well strengthens the immune system as well.
But how have our ancestors guessed about the healing properties of thermal waters? The ancient Romans arranged places for baths near the thermal waters where their legionaries passed. At of the world famous resorts as Karlovy Vary, Vichy, Baden-Baden and others archeologists find the remains of Roman baths at these Kosynodays. Soon doctors drew attention to the healing thermal waters and began to research the cause of such properties. So, Savonarola (the grandfather burnt in the fire of Inquisition) treated patients by fresh, mineral baths and even therapeutic baths in warm milk. The most popular was milk of a donkey. Namely the wife of Emperor Neron took such bathes. But the unique composition of thermal waters was discovered much more lately.
Modern hydrotherapy originated from the west. Its founder was Austrian peasant Vincent Prisnitsa who was able to cure his wounds with hot compresses. After recovery he became an active advocate of hydrotherapy and thermal waters. At the same time in Russia doctor Nikitin systematized material with the use of the sea water and mud, fresh and mineral waters. It is not worth abusing of thermal bathes, especially if the disease is in the state of deterioration. Recommended time being in the poll is 25 – 45 minutes three times a day.
Besides therapeutic effect and admiring of beautiful nature in Kosyn there is always something for fun. A real culinary feast in advance of the Victory Day will be held in the complex «Thermal water «Kosyno». May, 9 this year here starts the first Transcarpathian «championship» in preparation of bograch — ancient Hungarian dish that the inhabitants of Transcarpathia like very much and now it is considered as a traditional dish. Winners of the competition would be generous rewarded of 25 thousands of UAH. So this is a great opportunity to get not only aesthetical pleasing but also material satisfaction.
The former names of the village are Kodun, Mezekoson, Kosyno, Kosyni. The first mentions abouti it dated from the XVIII century. The Diploma of 1398 confirmed its borders. In the XIX century it was the center of Berezh County. In the XVIII-XIX centuries had a seal with emblem: a red shield had green vine with two vines and four bunches of grapes.
Kosoni is a village which is located in 24 kilometers from the regional center and 5 kilometers from the railway station Koson on the line Berehovo - Chop.
It is better to get to the recreation center "Kosyno" from the center of Berehovo (square Rakovtsy). It is 20 km by bus or by car. If you are going by train form Uzhhorod, you have to get off at the station «Koson» in Zapson village, and then you have to go to the road «Berehovo-Chop»; from it you get to the recreation area by regular buses.

Zakarpattia, Kosyno, 2023 — excursions across Zakarpattia

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