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Farmstead "Celtic yard in Lovachka"

Farmstead "Celtic yard in Lovachka" invites to taste Celtic drinks in tasting cellar. It offers to taste homemade ale, cider, unique vermouth, natural tinctures and many other drinks.
12, Pidlovachna Mukachevo, Ukraine


Celtic drinks in farmstead "Celtic yard in Lovachka" 


Farmstead "Celtic yard in Lovachka" is located near Mukachevo Zakarpattia oblast.


Over two thousand years ago on the slopes of Galish and Lovachka Mountains on the outskirt of Mukachevo was a large settlement with defensive stone walls – Celtic oppidum. It was military, craft and political center of anarts' tribe. After the destroying of the settlement by the soldiers of Dacian leader Burebista it declined and in medieval times the old walls were demolished for the construction of the terraces for supporting vineyards and for the construction of the castle and first stone buildings. However, even today it is possible to see remnants of the old walls, houses near Lovachka Mountain.
Celtic yard in Lovachka
Due to this unconventional story in the farmstead «Celtic yard in Lovachka» represented some episodes of the life of the Celts. In particular, today a sampling cellar operates and it at least has four hundred years and it was carved into the volcanic rock by captured Turks. The main feature of the cellar is unique and exclusive drinks that connected with the Celts to some extant or with the cultures of the post Celtic people. For example, only here you can try natural cider, slake thirst of the several kinds of homemade ale, enjoy three types of vermouth, feel the unique taste of grappa, schnappps, oruho or gin. The owners of the farmstead in the future plan to built a smith, pottery studio and make homemade lekvars (jams from the plums).


  • 050 779-77-52 inquiries (Galyna Mykolaivna);
  • 050 779-77-52 orders department;
  • 066 005-35-01 press office;
  • http://www.keltic-yard.com



Zakarpattia oblast
2013 - 2016, Farmstead "Celtic yard in Lovachka"
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