Rest in the Carpathians
Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Tatariv – rest in the Carpathians

Climatic resort near Bukovel. Summer and winter rest in the Carpathians in Tatariv. In winter skiers rest mostly in Tatariv and Bukovel. Lovers of “green” Carpathians, walks and local exotics come here in summer.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Yaremche, village Tatariv

Tatariv – rest in the Carpathians

Tatariv is a climatic resort which is located in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast at an altitude of 750 m above the sea level. The picturesque village stretches for 25 km along the river Prut. This resort is surrounded by steep mountains; some of the mountains are at a height of one kilometer, completely covered with pine and fir forests. Clean healthy air with the smell of pine helps in treatment of lung diseases, asthma and bronchitis.
As a resort Tatariv was known as far back as the days when the territory of this region was a part of Poland. Information about this resort can be found in the then Polish tourist guidebooks. Nowadays tourists from Poland are also frequent guests of Tatariv village.
A modern ski resort Bukovel is situated next to Tatariv village. Construction of Bukovel resort led to the rapid recovery and development of surrounding villages, including Tatariv. Hotels, private houses and cottages have been built in Tatariv. Some of private houses and hotels are equal as to the level of service to the certified star hotels. Nearby Tatariv and Mykulychyn villages there is a modest country cottage of ex-president Victor Yushchenko that is say, in comparison with local buildings.
Rest in Tatariv village
Both in summer and in winter tourists come here to rest. In winter skiers and snowboarders rest mostly in Tatariv and Bukovel. There are also “unsportsmanlike” lovers of winter holidays in the Carpathians. If the guest does not know how to ski, he or she will be taught. And if he or she would not be taught, there is a possibility to drive in a sledge.
As usual, winter holidays in Tatariv (as generally in the Carpathians) prefer residents of noisy cities who after many months of intense rhythm seeking relaxation or sudden changes of environment. Several days spent among the beautiful Carpathian scenery, delicious local cuisine and fragrant wine would restore strength and willingness to work.
To rent accommodation in Tatariv will be cheaper than in Bukovel. Tatariv village is located 14 km from Bukovel. Transfer to Bukovel is not large but this is a steady income for locals. Almost each private house or hotel provides transfer of skiers to Bukovel.
Lovers of “green” Carpathians, walks and local exotics come here in summer. Tourists’ routes start exactly from this place towards Khomiak, Magura and Syniak Mountains and to Zhenetsky Waterfall.
The follows geographical factors of the village as small altitude above the sea level (750 m), high mountains covered with pine forest and surrounded it, the absence of strong winds, river Prut which flows in the valley define a unique microclimate of the village.
Tatariv is a beautiful climatic and spa resort of the Carpathians, where you can both treat and rest well.
Nearest ropeways
  • Vorokhta – 6 km;
  • Bukovel (Polianytsa) – 14 km;
  • Yaremche – 20 km.
Tourists’ sights
  • Church of St. Dmytriy (XVIII century) with the tower bell (XIX century) in Tatariv village.
  • Old wooden churches in Vorokhta village.
  • Yaremche – souvenirs’ market, old churches, wooden restaurant “Hutsulshchyna” built without a single nail.
  • Waterfall, Elephant Rock, Dovbush Rocks near Yaremche.
  • Mountains around Bukovel – from the mountain and from the ropeways you may see wonderful sceneries.
  • Syniak Mountain, sculpture of Virgin Mary at the top of the mountain.
  • Zhenetsky Waterfall.
Nearest settlements
  • Mykulychyn – 9,5 km
  • Vorokhta – 8,5 km
  • Yablunytsa – 9,3 km
  • Polianytsa (Bukovel) – 11,7 km
  • Yaremche- 21,5 km
Accommodation, hotels and private sector in Tatariv village
Tatariv is the largest settlement provides cheap and qualitative accommodation near Bukovel. Tourists from Ukraine and abroad come to Tatariv for holidays who wants to be some time in harmony with nature, skiing, who appreciates the beauty of the Carpathians. There are no noisy discos and parties in the village.
There is a wide range of accommodation in the village and you can easily choose it. You may also stay at the hotels, in private sector and cottages. Living conditions, level of service as always depends on guests’ budget.
How to get to this place
You have to take a train to Ivano-Frankivsk, then to take a regular bus.
If you have a car, you have to choose the road towards Ivano-Frankivsk, then to Nadvirna and Yaremche.
Coordinates: 48°20'19.68''N, 24°35'17.52''E
Directory inquiries
  • Code distance communication 03434
  • elephone directory (034) 99-09-111
  • Rescue service
  • Rescue service in Yaremche (03434) 2-22-01, 2-22-04, 4-41-65
  • Rescue service in Vorokhta (03434) 4-11-49, 4-13-97
  • Pharmacy – Tatariv village, 23 Nezalezhnosti str (03434) 35223
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