Yablunytsia, equipment rental agency «Korivka»

Tracks for beginners in the mountain valley Dil. There is a rope tow as well as a training slope. You can rent ski equipment, helmets, snowmobiles etc. Reasonable prices for the lifts and rental.
Settlement Dil, Yablunytsia village
Town Council of Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

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Equipment rental agency «Korivka» in Yablunytsia

Ski holidays in the Carpathians


Rope tow «Korivka» is located in the mountain valley Dil on the training track for beginners. It is near the following hotels as «Horhany», «Panorama Karpat», «Keptaryk», «Chotyry sesony (Four seasons)» and the private house Onufrakiv. There are instructors on the hill. Prices are reasonable and can be changed depending on season and category of skis.


Form 8.00 – 19.00 every day.


  • rental sets of equipment (skis, ski poles, boots);
  • rental of helmets;
  • rental of snowmobiles.


The cost of rental equipment can vary depending on the season.
  • A single lift – 5-10 UAH;
  • set of equipment (skis, ski poles, boots) – 50-80 UAH.
Rental of helmets is paid separately.

How to find this place

From Yaremche side: you have to drive to the center of Yablunytsia, on the right side there is a sign to the private house "Keptaryk". From Lazeshchyna side: in Yablunytsia you have to pass the turn to so called "new" road towards Bukovel and then to turn according to the sign to the private house "Keptaryk".


  • (+38) 067-986-46-35 (Yurii)
  • Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Yaremche Town Council
  • Yablunytsia village, hole Dil;
  • equipment rental agency «Korivka»
Welcome to Yablunytsia – go for skiing!!!
2014, Holidays in the Carpathians, rope tow and equipment rental agency «Korivka»