Izky, private houses "Richka"

New modern homestead of eco-resort Pylypets. Rest and accommodation with all conveniences. Rooms for 2-3 persons, Finnish sauna, bath, swimming pool, 2 kitchens, barbecue, fireplace.
096 735-04-92
Transcarpathian oblast, Mizhgirya region, village "Richka" (Transcarpathia)
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Resorts Izky, private houses "Richka"

Hotels of Izky

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Transcarpathian oblast, Mizhgirya region, village "Richka" (Transcarpathia)

Phone: +38-096 735 0492 (Микола Пилип)

Email: mikola.pilip@gmail.com


Accommodation at the resort Izky near Pylypets combines coziness and high level of comfort!

Izky, Richka