Rest in the Carpathians
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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Горы" - отдых в Карпатах
Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Rest in the Carpathians

Rest in the Carpathians

What can you imagine with these words?
What can you imagine with these words? A geologist can tell about young age of this mountain system; it is approximately 25 million years. A geographer will characterize the Ukrainian Carpathians as a part of the Eastern Carpathians the length of which is 280 kilometers, the width of which is from 50 to 100 kilometers and the total area is 3700 sq. km.
For a biologist the Carpathians is a region with largest species diversity. Only here you can find lynxes and bears, only here you can see such a beautiful nature creatures like golden eagles (this is the largest bird of Ukraine), the Carpathians’ cock of the wood, crested tit, black stork, the Carpathians’ squirrel, spotted salamander and many other endemic species. The Carpathians are called the green heart of Europe. The slopes of the mountains are covered with lush vegetation: from the oak forests with beeches, hornbeams and maples to subalpine grasslands. And not only for a botany will be interesting to see the largest in the world array of beech forests with 500-year old giants near Ugolka and Shyrokyi Lug villages or to see the unique valley of Narcissus near Khust.
For a historian the Carpathians is, first of all, the region with a very rich history. How many tribes, nations and conquerors saw these grey mountains! Some parts of this region belonged to Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania in the last century. The current borders were established only after the World War II and the lands of the Western Ukraine were joined to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic as a part of the USSR. But nevertheless to the dramatic story the joint residence of different nationalities resulted in a multicultural society with mutual penetration of languages, culture, believes and traditions. It was formed ethnic groups of Hutsul, Boyky and Lemky in the mountains which belong to the Ukrainians. Here also live the Hungarians, Romanians, Russians, Poles, Hebrews and Gypsies. So that is why hospitable local people can find common language with tourists of any country in the straight and figurative sense.
Any person, regardless of the profession, will appreciate these amazing views, clear and healing air of the mountains and cool crystal streams. The names of Truskavets, Morshyn, Skhidnytsia, Poliana, Svaliava, Syniak, Soiymy are well-known by its health-improving springs of mineral water. Balneologic resorts operate all year round. If you are young, healthy and enthusiastic and you do not need treatment, then you, perhaps, like walking tours to the mountains? Chornogora range is the highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians and it includes six tops of two thousand meters. Among them there is the highest mountain of Ukraine – Hoverla Mountain of 2061 m height.
There are also very magnificent mountain lakes like Brebeneskul. It is the largest mountain lake of Ukraine and it is located near the same mountain. There is also Nesamovyte Lake where the weather can change several times a day. Travelling across Gorgany, you will visit Yaremche waterfall and near Syniak Mountain you will find Khomiak mountain valley, because it is a traditional center of cheese and sheep’s milk cheese production. You can take children when you are going to travel to Skole Beskids as well as to Borzhava Range in Zakarpattia. Here it is worth admiring by Shypit waterfall. Near Borzhava there is a legendary Synevyr lake. You will get great pleasure together with your children if you visit “St. Nicholas House” in Pistan village in Kosiv Raion, and especially you will be happy in winter season. It is impossible to tell about all natural amusing and wonderful works of human hands representing the culture of this region. There are so many museums as anywhere else in Ukraine.
In every village there is at least one church and most of them are the historical and architectural masterpieces. Look, for example, Kosmach village of Kosiv Raion. This is the most populous village of Ukraine; its area is 84 sq.km and it is the largest in Europe. There is historical museum and the unique museum devoted to Oleksa Dovbush which is located in the house where the leader of rebels was mortally wounded.
All kinds of trips and walking tours are possible in Carpathians: horseback riding, bicycle, and motor bicycle and off-roads vehicles tours, bus tours. The lovers of rafting choose in most cases Chornyi and Bilyi Cheremosh River, Limnytsia River which is considered the clearest river of Europe, Prut River, Svicha and Mizunka Rivers, Chorna and Bila Tysa, Rika or Latorytsia River. Near Mizunka River there is a narrow-gauge railway “The Carpathian Tram”. The rafting lovers come to the Carpathians in April and May. Walking and bicycle tours are organized mostly in summer season. Winter is a paradise for lovers of skiing and snowboards. Most ski resorts have tracks of different level of complexity (Bukovel, Slavske, Yablunytsia, Volosianka, Tysovets, Plavie, Pylypets, Podobovets), for beginners there are tracks in Skole, Kobyletska Poliana, Lazeshchyna, Poliana, Verkhniy Studenyi, for professionals there are tracks in Dragobrat, in the highest ski resort of Ukraine.
Everyone, regardless age, physical condition and preferences can choose its own version of the rest in the Carpathians. And who has ever visited this blessed land, he would come here again.


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