Rest in the Carpathians
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Website "Winter Mountain" - rest in Carpathians Cайт "Зима Гори" - відпочинок в Карпатах

Oriavchyk — cheap holidays in the Carpathians

Summer and winter rest in the Carpathians — Oriavchyk: rest, prices, hotels, private sector. Ski resorts of Ukraine "Zveniv", "Oriavchyk": accommodation in Oriavchyk, lifts, tracks, map, photos, 3D panoramas

Lviv oblast, Skole region, Oriavchyk village

Cheap rest in the Carpathians in Oriavchyk

Summer and winter rest in the Carpathians

15 km from region center Skole in Koz'ova village along the highway Kyiv-Chop there is a small sign towards Oriavchyk village, ski complex «Zveniv». You may turn freely!
The road winds among mountains and pine forests, gently climbing up. Several kilometers through the reserve  «Skole Beskids» and you get in one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine which could see the tourists travelling across the Carpathians. Oriavchyk is located at an altitude of 900 m above the sea level in Tysovets hole. Ski and climatic resort is surrounded by steep mountains covered with pine forests. Nearby this place Oriavchyk River flows.

Picturesque mountains, convenient access, a wide range of hotels and private houses offer accommodation in Oriavchyk, summer and winter activities, presence in the region of several ski resorts gives Oriavchyk stable popularity among tourists. There are lot of places to see: amazing sceneries from surrounding mountains, ancient temples with glowing domes in the valleys of the surrounding villages Oriavchyk and Myta, modern cottages boarding with old wooden houses, without which is impossible to imagine the Carpathians and tourists from modern metropolises like taking pictures on their background.

Summer holidays in the Carpathians is well-developed in Oriavchyk, or so called green tourism, in winter the village turns into a real ski resort in the Carpathians Mountains with two cozy ski resorts "Oriavchyk" and "Zveniv". Zveniv, Oriavchyk, slopes, tracks
Guests can visit incredible restaurants and wooden restaurants, rent ski equipment, bicycles, ATVs, snowmobiles. There is large indoor swimming pool at «Zveniv» complex.
It is possible to order horseback riding.


The first mention of the settlement Oriavchyk dated as far back as 1540. The main occupation of the locals was agriculture, hunting and fishing. In winter people were engaged in various crafts.
Oriavchyk nowadays is primarily ski resort in the Carpathians; it is developing and offers cheap holidays in the Carpathians. New resorts, beautiful hotels and private houses are under construction in this place as well as lifts; industry of winter and summer holidays is developing there, list of travel services are expanded.

Oriavchyk, summer rest in the Carpathians

Despite of the relative proximity of the highway Kyiv-Chop, this place is quiet. You can forget about troubles and plunge into the holidays. Summer holidays in the Carpathians are not worse than winter one. Oriavchyk is surrounded by high Carpathians forests. Walking and biking tours across surrounding mountains, spectacular sceneries of the surrounding mountains and valleys and just walks through the forest where you can gather mushrooms, berries or herbs are all these activities possible in summer. Oriavchyk village offers cheap rest in the Carpathians. In summer you can swim in a mountain stream or swimming pool (there are in some hotels and private houses, but the largest indoor pool there is at «Zveniv» complex), sunbathe, ride a bike or conquer the mountain road on a quad as well as traditional fishing, cooking over a campfire or grill. Some resorts have the option to order horseback riding. Nearby Myta and Rosokhach villages begin walking and bikes tours across Carpathians and the appropriate markings are set.

Oriavchyk, winter rest in the Carpathians

Winter holidays in the Carpathians first and foremost is skiing and sledding. Winter holidays here become unforgettable events at this place. Snow cover in Oriavchyk can be in autumn and melt down in March.
In Oriavchyk there is everything without what winter holidays can be full in the Carpathians.
You can rent everything you need for skiing; you can relax in sauna and spend nice time at the restaurants and wooden restaurants.
To rest cheap in winter in the Carpathians in Oriavchyk village is possible. It is because of low prices for lifts and accommodation.
Oriavchyk is a really good option for beginners. There is everything for skiing and entertainment:
  • maintained tracks;
  • track for snow tubing;
  • rental of ski equipment;
  • possibility to rent accommodation  in Oriavchyk what you desire and need;
  • developed service (restaurants, bistros, wooden restaurants; on the mountain peak locals traditionally offers coffee and mulled wine);
  • «Zveniv» complex has indoor swimming pool that operates in winter;
  • rent of snowmobiles, sledding;
  • convenient access and parking;
  • small queues in ordinary days.

Oriavchyk, tracks, lifts and slopes of «Oriavchyk» and «Zveniv» complexes

Oriavchyk as other ski resorts of the Carpathians corresponds to the status of the ski resort. But there are some peculiarities.

As such, there are two complexes.

«Oriavchyk» complex has 2 tracks of average complexity of 450 m each for beginners and children. It serves foremost for their own clients and for the clients private house «Vivat».

«Zveniv» complex has 4 tracks with length from 400 to 1400 meters for skiers and snowboarders. Upper 400 m of the track is much more complicated and then the track becomes smooth. Rope tows make lifts to the medium and upper part of the mountain.

There is also track for snow tubing (inflatable sleds) with the length of 100 meters.

Characteristics of the tracks in Oriavchyk at "Zveniv" complex

  • ski track with length of 1200 m;
  • ski track with length of 1400 m;
  • ski track with length of 400 m;
  • ski track with length of 600 m;
  • track for snow tubing with length of 100 m;
  • rope tow — 960 m;
  • rope tow — 350 m;
  • lift for snow tubing.

Characteristics of the tracks in Oriavchyk at "Oriavchyk" complex

  • 2 tracks for beginners and children with length of 450 m each;
  • rope tow — 450 m.

Working hours: 9:00 - 17:00

For those who want to diversify winter holidays in the Carpathians there is a possibility to go to Tysovets, where tracks are more complicated for skiers, ski jumps for freeriders, tracks for mogul and biathlonists.

For guests service

  • Ski and snowboard school — individual lessons with an instructor — 150 UAH/h at "Oriavchyk" and 70 UAH/h at "Zveniv" complex;
  • rental – two ski complexes have equipment rental. Prices following: "Zveniv" complex — from 70 UAH/day for the set, three rental agencies; "Oriavchyk" complex — from 90 UAH/day for the set;
  • parking – free of charge parking at «Zveniv» complex, paid parking at «Oriavchyk» complex;
  • cafes, restaurants: «Zveniv» - cafe, restaurant, bistro «Varenychna», «Oriavchyk» - wooden restaurant;
  • snowmobile and quads rental – «Zveniv» complex;
  • first-aid post;
  • toilet.

Accommodation in Oriavchyk, prices for accommodation

To rent accommodation in Oriavchyk village is possible at «Oriavchyk» complex and at ski resort «Zveniv». You may also rent accommodation at surrounding hotels and private houses in Oriavchyk village near «Zveniv» complex and along the road to the complex.
For cheaper rest in the Carpathians you can rent accommodation not in Oriavchyk, but in the neighboring Myta village or along the road that not far from «Zveniv» complex. But to get to the ski resort will be longer and harder.
It is much convenient to rent accommodation in Oriavchyk village at «Zveniv» complex or nearby. It is closest to the lifts of «Zveniv» complex and much convenient to get to the tracks of Tysovets.

Prices for lifts and equipment rental at «Zveniv» ski resort, ordinary days:

Type of the lift Length, m Cost, UAH
rope tow
960 80 (10 lifts)
rope tow
350 60 (10 lifts)
lift for snowtubbing 100 20 (5 lifts)

Prices for lifts and equipment rental at «Oriavchyk» ski resort, ordinary days:

Type of the lift Length, m Cost, UAH
rope tow
400 90 (for the whole day)

Entertainment and service at «Zveniv» resort, Oriavchyk village

  • Indoor swimming pool;
  • sauna, billiards, air hockey, table tennis;
  • cafe, restaurant, bistro "Varenychna";
  • playground;
  • sleds;
  • snow tubing;
  • horseback riding;
  • quads, snowmobiles.

Nearest sightseeing of Oriavchyk village

  • Nicholas Church of 1930 in Oriavchyk village;
  • Epiphany church of 1865 in Oriavchyk village;
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist of 1879  (wooden church of Boyko type, which is situated near the road in the center of Myta village);
  • in summer from the neighboring village Rozsokhach (it is about 7 km) there is a walking tour to meadows of Rozsokhach;
  • ancient house of  1860 in Oriavchyk village, Boykos lands. It is exhibited at Shevchenko Grove in Lviv, park Znesinnia.

How to get to Oriavchyk village, map and coordinates

By public transport
You have to take the train towards Uzhgorod up to the station Skole, then to take a taxi, regular bus or as by preliminary arrangement with the owners of the hotels.
By car
You have to choose the highway Kyiv-Chop to Koz'ova village, then go towards Oriavchyk village following the sign "Tysovets", "Zveniv". It is  direct to ski resort "Zveniv" and Tysovets. When you get to the fork of the road to Tysovets (to the right), Myta (direct), you have to turn to the left to "Zveniv" complex (tracks and lifts you can see from the road).
To "Oriavchyk" complex you have to turn to the right, drive about 1 km to the sign, then the road goes steeply upwards. In winter the access to the road is much more complicated. This hotel complex offers  transfer and parkingfree of charge (under guard).


48° 57′ 56″ N, 23° 16′ 56″ E 48.965556, 23.282222
Ukraine, Lviv oblast, Skole region, Oriavchyk village

Distances to Oriavchyk

  • Uzhgorod — 144 km;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk — 160 km;
  • Lviv — 136 km.

Nearest ski resorts to Oriavchyk village in the Carpathians and lifts

Directory inquires and information of Oriavchyk-Zveniv

  • Working hours: 9.00-17.00.
  • Ski season: December - March.
  • Rescue service in Slavske:  (03251) 42102.
  • Mobile operators: Kyivstar, MTS, Life.
Oriavchyk 2013 - 2022. Cheap summer and winter rest in the Carpathians
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